Nail Art: My Candy Like Nails – Confetti Nail Effect Paint by Barry M

I don’t consider myself as a girly girl, but I
think I’m getting there, it is a very slow process though. I try, but I guess I
will never fully be there. I’m quite stubborn and argumentative bold. I
don’t giggle and you can catch me swearing (oh dear), but I do like pretty
things. One of those pretty things is definitely Confetti Nail Effect NailPaint by Barry M. I got myself the Marshmallow shade. It sounds as sweet as it
looks. I believe it to be ideal for this warm weather we’ve been experiencing
over the last couple of weeks here in the UK! Sweet and naughty in one! 

I actually bought another nail polish at the same
time as this one, Dragon Fruit Gelly nail paint by Barry M, to use it as a
base (you can read all about this one here). I was very lucky that day. When I was about to pay the lovely till lady
pointed out that with these two Barry M nail paints I can get a present (for
the Boots loyalty card holders only). She even went all the way down to the
Barry M aisle to bring me the pressie! That’s what I call supreme customer
service! I could chose from two very vivid colours: Bright pink and Bright
yellow. I went for the yellow; two pink nail polishes in the same day was
surely enough, right? 🙂

Barry M paint nails

In regards to application of this product, I
thought I might struggle a little bit to spread the “confetti” evenly
on both hands BUT it was actually very easy. With the help of the brush it was
piece of cake. To achieve the look I wanted I only had to put two
layers 🙂

A few layers later the coverage was even and I
was happy with the outcome. I can’t really say anything bad about this product.
I’m not a very patient person, so I was happy it was a very easy process. I
like the way it looks, so I’m not sorry I purchased it.

If you prefer to make a statement, choose a
different base, be bold. I could quite easily see it in white and black,
yellow, blue or even green would definitely go!

this style you will knock it out of the park this summer!

Confetti Nail Effect NailPaint by Barry M

Have you tried this line? Or do you prefer
different brand? And mainly, what’s your favourite combination?

Dash xx

P.S. If you’ve tried this product you might also be wondering how on earth will you get it off. Yes, It’s close to impossible! However, I just pour some nail polish remover into a bowl and soaked my nails in there for like 5 minutes. After that it was easy to get it of!

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