Magic in a Glass – Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

I have fallen in
love. This relationship has lasted for something over a year. I’m talking about
the greatest addition to my weekly hair care regime. I dye my hair blond
or I go to hairdresser to have my highlights done. Sometimes I like a bit of a
change…so I go black and then I decide I actually love to be blond so I go
back to blond. As you can imagine, that’s not very good for my hair. Especially
for the ends.I needed a good dry hair care urgently!

That’s when my hairdresser advised me
to use Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

This hair care treatment absorbs into your hair instantly, leaves it smooth and one could say
shiny as well. What is also very important and very appreciated by me is the
fact that you actually don’t have to use a lot. I have short hair, barely
reaching my shoulders, so I use only a tiny drop, about one centimetre in my
hand, after I style my hair. I would never apply it anywhere near roots as to
avoid a greasy effect. Only from the middle down to the ends. Although I’ve
read on forums that some girls apply it directly to the roots, massage it into
the skin and are quiet happy with the results. I also rub it in my hands to
warm the oil, as it is well known that when the substance is warm it absorbs
better and assists the hair in taking in all the healthy stuff.


Thanks to this luxury hair care product, my hair feels and LOOKS amazing. I have washed my
hair without any conditioner and blew dry it without any heat protection to
show how damaged my hair used to be (or could be if I don’t look after it).
I love how it feels after it’s applied and it smells just amazing. Very
soft, nothing too aggressive.

I would like to try their Morocanoil restorative hair mask as well,
but my hairdresser warned me that’s for very damaged hair, if I use them on
mine it could become flat or too heavy. So I guess it stopped me from buying
it, but I think I will just go for it and see for myself.

What is your experience with Moroccanoil Oil Treatment? What do you use?

  Dash xx

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