What to wear at the office

I’m no different than
any other girl. I love clothes, I love shopping and the thrill it gives me. But
I don’t like spending money in shops, obviously. However that becomes so hard,
especially at this time of the year, when all shops put the red sign on, the
one that every shopaholic is waiting for. Yes, I’m talking about them. SALES.
It’s the time of the year I don’t feel as guilty as I should while spending my
hard earned pennies.

While choosing the
right clothes to wear at the office, it is always important to adapt
them to fit the company culture. Even though many companies are becoming pretty
relaxed and business casual has become everyday office style, there are
limits to what one can call casual. We shouldn’t misinterpret this for a
Saturday night with friends. Trendy is good, too trendy is bad. At the end of
the day, I want people to remember me for my accomplishments not for what I
wear (although, both wouldn’t be too bad, right ;))

Relaxed Office Wear

That’s why I like to
combine sophisticated style with fashionable items. This way I can always stay
on the top. You can never go wrong with dark jeans and cute peter pan top. What
is a must, and that is according to many stylists, every classy woman should
own a pair of brown and black heels and flats. The reason behind it is that
they match with nearly everything. And if you have to wear a suit to work? Just
give it a colour to style it up! Even a respectable woman that has to stay
professional can add a little spices/can revive to her wardrobe in the form of
bright and vibrant colour tops and dazzling accessories. Use your fantasy. Or
have a look at Hilary Clinton, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston, they know
how to wear a suit with some added twist!

While dressing up
to the office
, there is never need to spend too much money. After all you
go to work to earn them. Accessories like earrings and scarves gives you tons
of combinations just waiting for you hidden in your draws. So go and explore.
Do you own that boring black top? Style it up with a bold necklace to create that
daring look. Or do you prefer to be more sweet and classy? There is plenty of
inspiration on theinternet, just google it!

Office Wear:


Miss Selfridge

Dorothy Perkins



Even though, what
I’m about to say sounds rather obvious, it’s good to remember anyway. Never
ever ever step a foot into the office in baggy or dirty or ripped and sloppy
clothes! Dress to impress even when the rules are not that strict. Committing a
fashion faux pas at an office can distort your image as a valued member of the
team or even prevent getting the dream job you always wanted! I have to say I’m
quite lucky, our office is not that strict so we can get away with nearly
everything, as long as it’s not offensive. If you are starting I would suggest
to wear something more smart on your first day. Just so you can monitor what
everyone else is wearing for inspiration. Unless you’ve already done it during
your interview 🙂

I hope you find
these basic tips for the 9 to 5 style helpful. And what about you? What do you
like to wear to the office? Are there any rules that you follow?

 Dash xx

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