Secret behind ginger and lemon juice

and lemon juice
is believed to be one of the best homemade natural remedies.

has been known throughout the whole Europe for some time now. However its
origin is from East Asia; China and India, where it has become an irreplaceable
ingredient in their cuisine. The part that we use, and many consider it as a
jewel in the kitchen, is called rhizome, which isn’t the actual root as many
people assume. 

best thing to do with ginger is use it to make health drinks, this way
it stays fresh and keeps all the vitamins. A great combination that works for
me is juice made from carrots, apples, lemon and a few pieces of ginger. You don’t
use huge amount of ginger and there is a good reason for that. Apart of the
fact that ginger can be quite zesty, it’s suggested to use only a small amount:
4 grams of fresh ginger a day for an adult, as you can actually overdose on it.

post today is about the magic combination of fresh ginger and lemon. Vitamin C
united with the goodness of ginger is the best thing you can do for your body
when it’s cold and everyone around you is sneezing. It is also very good for
those who wants to build their immune system.

Ginger and lemon juice ingredients

else is this wonder good for?? It also helps with digestive problems, mainly if
you suffer with bloating and flatulence. It also relieves dizziness and nausea
– some recommend it during early pregnancy, but I would double check this
before you try it while you’re pregnant, just to be on a safe side. Another
interesting fact is that it helps when you have sore muscles or even arthritis. 

there is a good news for you girls! It actually helps to lose weight 🙂
Although don’t expect to be dropping it off by the kilos, it just doesn’t work
like that (I can only wish). As I’ve already mentioned, it helps to kick start your
organs in the morning, influences a good digestive system and breaks down fat!
So it’s definitely a great ingredient to use while we are trying to perfect
your bodies and health! What’s more, it lowers cholesterol levels!

want this enchanting drink? How do
you make ginger and lemon juice
I hear you say? Simple. What I’ve done
is peel the ginger (be careful, ginger is a real juicy piece of fruit, it could
spray you, so watch your eyes) and I got rid of the skin of all my lemons and
limes (viz. picture). At this point, I just simply threw everything into a
juicer 😀 Tah Daaah. All done. What came out was just pure lemon juice and
ginger juice.

Ginger and lemon juice ingredients

How do you use it? Now, put it
into your fridge so it can be kept fresh. Use it instead of cordial with a
glass of water. I have a glass of this elixir every morning before I eat. It
helps to start my body up. If you have a sensitive stomach be careful as it can
sometimes cause upset. You need to find the right quantity that suits you. It
probably won’t even happen to you, but I want to warn you just in case.

Ginger and lemon juice

did you know that lemon juice does a very similar thing regarding body weight?
Yes, lemon juice diet helps to
reduce body fat as well as ginger 🙂 Some dieticians advise to drink a glass of
water with lemon juice before every meal.

you don’t have a juicer, can’t borrow one (like I do) and don’t want to invest
into one, I have a solution for you! It’s called a ginger tea? Have you heard about it? And no, I don’t mean the
one you buy from shops. You should use really fresh ginger. Nom nom nom! All
you have to do is peal the ginger (remember, you don’t need a lot!), cut it
into small pieces, boil some water and wait for it to cool down to about 60°C. This is to prevent
burning all the goodness and vitamins out of the ginger. When the water is not piping
hot anymore, put the ginger pieces into a tea pot and pour water over it. You
can also add more lemon juice or even honey 🙂 I usually leave it to soak for
15-20 minutes.

Cutted ginger

Ginger tea

what is the next step?? Now comes the hardest part! Drink and enjoy this ginger and lemon juice 🙂


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