This Seasons Must Have! How to Wear Printed Pant

Would you like to know how to look
hot, classy and fashionable during this transition between summer and
autumn? Oh yes, I’m talking about this seasons must have trousers for women –
the printed pant. They have been with us for some time now, but I have a
feeling they are not going anywhere just yet. There are plenty of styles out
there to please any kind of body shape, the range is anywhere from tight
leggings to large flowy “pajama” pants.

I have yield to this temptation of ladies
clothing…for a simple reason; they enhance my look, make me stand out from
the crowd. You can simply wear print pants anywhere! Work, barbecue, nights
out, festivals and many more! You can style them from casual to eccentric looks.

Printed pant fashion

Printed pant fashion by mode-lily featuring Ted Baker

As with any trousers,
there are simple rules you should follow while trying to style your summer look
up. So, how to wear printed pant?

  • With a short figure I
    would recommend closely spaced print to flatter your figure fully. Flowy pants
    paired with heels will create the “taller” look.
  • Larger spaces between
    the prints creates an area that may make it look like there is actually more of
    you and I don’t know any girl who wants that. So be aware of this. Go for the
    tightly spaced smaller prints to work those hips out!
  • There are so many
    colours to chose from. When I was browsing shops for mine, I was going for the
    more subtle look, not too colourful so I would be able to wear them even in the
    autumn when the weather is a bit gloomy.
  • The more colourful
    your printed pant, the more attention it will catch. Full Stop. In this case
    try to tone it down with a single colour top so you don’t look like you belong in
    a circus.
  • If you decide to go
    for colourful ones, try to match it with a top that has the same (or very
    similar) colour that appears on the trousers. With this you can create a very
    elaborated sophisticated look.
  • The last and very
    important item. Accessories. We all love them, but in this case I think it’s
    better to follow this rule, “less  =
    better”. Just pick simple ones.

How I wear printed pants:

Printed trousers

Printed trousers

Printed trousers

Printed pants

Printed pants

Printed pants

Both Printed Trousers: Dorothy Perkins

Blazer: Next

Pink Cami: New Look

Black Top: Miss Selfridge

Accessories: New Look

Both Shoes: M&S

So, no matter what
kind of look you choose to go for, remember to walk straight with your chin up.
Confidence is the main item you should never leave at home!

Love and Kisses


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