Katy Perry Look

Pop diva Katy Perry has recently released her new single
“ROAR” and not long after that a new music video has been introduced
into this world. This song immediately hit the top of the music charts, but
what else can we expect? We are talking about Katy Perry after all.

In this video, Roar, Katy Perry crash lands in a
deserted jungle and is forced to adapt and learn to survive. Which she does in
style!, especially when she remodels her shoes into a weapon, cleans a crocodile’s
teeth, tames a lion, uses berries as lipstick (nom nom idea, who hasn’t done
this as a kid, right?!), paints an elephant’s nails ?#!! and just basically rules
the jungle like any other girly girl would do! I kind of like the video (even though it’s a
bit cheesy) but I would love to share my view on Katy Perry’s look in
this video!

Katy Perry Look

Katy Perry Look click on the link for the complete outfit information.

Katy Perry is a woman who I believe can sometimes be kind of
tacky and a teensy bit crazy. On the other hand when she wants the world to fall
at her feet, she can transform herself into a very classy and sexy woman. 

The Katy Perry look I’ve chosen to reference is seen at the beginning
of her music video. This style is represented by an elegant long sleeved,
tailored blouse, combined with a beige pencil skirt that embraces her legs,  showing her perfectly flawless figure. 

This Katy Perry look is suitable for ever girl, as it hugs
the hips and bum very nicely with all the attention drawn towards the waist. A
brown leather belt helps define the outfit. For those conscious about their
bellies, I would recommend using a wider belt to hide the unwanted (wink wink).
This look is finished off with classy high heels and a big brown tote bag. 

I’m absolutely loving this Katy Perry look. It could be worn
not just in summer, but if you add tights it is ideal for this autumn/winter

What do you think!?! Would you wear it?!?


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