Curing a Shopaholic – Clothes Shopping Tips on a Budget

So, about a month ago early in the morning I panicked. I was
getting ready for work and I had nothing to wear. Again! Oh, yes, I know, it
happens to all of us but this time I was too frustrated. I have a room just for
my clothes and you can guess how much of it I actually wear! How is it possible
that I have never anything to wear? My wardrobe is unorganised, different
styles of clothing, full of impulse buys that I’ve gathered throughout the
years. Mess. Catastrophe. Chaos. Clutter. I have to start shopping for my
ladies wear clothes more responsibly.

This is the reason why I’ve decided to set the rules for my clothes
shopping budget. I’m determined to make it work this time and follow all my clothes
shopping tips in the future. Are you interested? Let’s get started!

  1. Do not always buy the latest trends that you know you won’t probably
    wear in three months. I’m not saying don’t buy them at all, just think the
    purchase through before you obtain your new style trend. Why is that? We all
    know that these trends never last a season, you can (and you will) spend a
    fortune on them, wear them for a bit but and after few months you will leave
    them at the bottom of your wardrobe. You might as well throw the money out of
    the window.
  2. If you decide to go for the latest trends, avoid anything
    that is sparkly, cheesy and cheap looking. Have a look into magazines, check
    out celebrities trends, browse shops or online clothing stores. Get your ideas
    from anywhere possible so you know exactly what you want. Make a wish list.
    Divide your wish list into two part, Must Have and Wants 🙂
  3. Now the part I don’t like! SET A BUDGET! Next time you go
    shopping, set how much you can actually spend on that lovely ladies fashion
    clothing. I have to admit, this is my biggest problem and if it wasn’t for my
    boyfriend who accompanies me while I shop (and is very strict with me) I
    wouldn’t be able to manage. Although I sound thankful now, when I’m in the shop
    and he won’t let me to get something, I just want to scratch his eyes out 😉
  4. Own more plain tops. This tip gives you the opportunity to
    play with your accessorise. Your white blouse will definitely look different if
    you style it up with jeans and turquoise accessorise as it will look different
    if you match it with gold or black accessorise and some leggings. Use your
    imagination and I’m sure you will come up with so many different variations!
  5. Once you’ve managed to build a good foundational wardrobe, now
    it’s time to get some of the latest trends. You don’t have to go for the
    expensive ones straight away. Check out the sales first. Nowadays there is
    always a sale in one of the high street shops or online stores.
  6. When you’ve decided to purchase a new item for your wardrobe,
    make sure to follow these shopping tip as well. Ensure that the new piece of
    clothing goes with at least three items that you already own. This will avoid any
    additional purchases because you wouldn’t have anything to wear your new
    clothing item with.

I’ve prepared a little collage of clothes and accessories that you can style up together to create lots of pretty combinations.

Simple everyday wear

Simple everyday wear by mode-lily featuring Yumi

And some lovely accessories that you can add to these looks to create even more pretty styles! Pick and Mix!

Everyday accessories

Everyday accessories by mode-lily featuring black earrings

I hope there will be some of you that will actually find my clothes shopping tips on a budget useful. What about you? Are you a proper shopaholic
or do you follow any shopping tips? Please share them with me and help me fight my shopping


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