How to wear tartan this season!

Get tartan ready

For someone who is nearly (not yet!!) 30, I think I’ve seen tartan coming in and out of fashion way too many times. One would think that people have learnt or gained enough inspiration (thank you uncle Google) but nooo! We are all starting to notice that tartan is back this season! What I’ve seen outside has inspired me to write this post on How to wear tartan this season.

I’ve always been a big fan of tartan prints. The tartan pattern that consists of the criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours brings out that warmth and cosiness in me. That’s probably the reason it’s so popular every autumn and winter.

History note I’ve discovered: We all know that tartan is associated with Scotland, but did you know that tartan’s earliest existence might be coming from Central Europe? Steps were left by ancient Celtics during the 6-8th Century! Oh well, enough of history, this is a fashion blog!

Back to my tips: How to wear tartan this season:

1) While wearing tartan clothes you definitely need to take some things into consideration. The number one rule while choosing your lovely wear is very similar to the one I wrote about in my post How to wear printed pants. Check it out guys!

Tartan patterns are very similar to printed on trousers. Hence you have to take your figure into consideration. If you are the one buying bigger sizes, look for tartan cloths that have a smaller pattern rather than big and bold,   as this can cause you look even bigger! And we don’t want that do we!We want to be pretty and happy. If we look odd we are not happy, haha.

Victoria is someone who can afford the luxury of wearing big tartan patterns. Although she does look like a scary figurine on this picture, don’t you think?

2) I did notice that many girls are trying to match their tartan cloths with animal prints. I found it very interesting so I decided to google it. My eyes stumbled upon several designers that use this combination. And I liked it. But we shouldn’t forget they are designers, they can be crazy and if you put this combo on and take off shopping, you might meet many people (probably majority) that don’t follow designers and the only crazy looking person might be you. So keep these crazy looking outfits for your nights out girlies! Go for more solid and compact colours to match it with your tartan clothes.

 Check out Rita Oro rocking the tartan plaid trousers with a simple white top! Whoop Whoop girl!

3) Right, now that said, you might be worried you might look too plain. If you want to make a statement during the day, go for the right accessories!

Mirranda Kerr definitely pulled off this look. I absolutely love the
combination of a tartan jacket and leather shorts! What is more, leather
happens to be in fashion this season as well! What a coincidence, right
😉  Her cat eye sunglasses seem to be the perfect accessory to style this look up!

Her black tights and high heel boots are the best finish for the dark, kind
of rebel like look.


Picture from

I’m a big fan of dresses (as are many girls, right) and the tartan look works for me the best in the red. Check out these picks I’m considering investing in!

These dresses are from Which one do you like?

How are you going to wear tartan this season? What’s your favourite piece? 


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  1. October 3, 2013 / 8:13 pm

    Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr are looking flawless in tartan. I love the tartan trend! xx

    • September 27, 2015 / 5:35 pm

      I love this trend as well. So edgy and sophisticated!

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