Review: Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick – Apple Blossom

I’ve heard a lot of beauty bloggers talking about lipsticks by Natural Collection recently, which made me want one. While I was standing at Boots, choosing the perfect shade, I suddenly wasn’t sure. I got worried if something so cheap can be any good? For real? And yeah, by cheap I mean cheap. They are only £1.99 each!

There is something about these lipstick that reminds me of my childhood! Believe it or not. They kind of smell the same as lipsticks my grandmas used to use. I have no idea if this means anything to you, but I guess they must be made the same way they were twenty odd years ago.

Many bloggers find its packaging a bit cheap looking and less charming, but I actually like how clean looking it is. The colour range is pretty impressive. There are more than ten shades to choose from, for any skin types. I’ve been needing some neutral shades for my everyday look, as my make up collection is full of red and purple lipsticks – yeah I love them too much to have just one shade of purple or red. Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick – Apple Blossom was the one that grabbed my attention. I decided to pick only one shade, just to try it out first.

This lipstick claims to be moisture shine, which I believe lives up to the promise. Nevertheless, lack of the pigmentation makes it a bit of a tricky customer to
work with, so ensure you throughly exfoliate and prep your lips before
application. I found this Natural Collection lipstick tends to reveal every imperfection on my lips, so I make sure my lips are perfect before I apply it.

The longetivity of this lippy doesn’t surpass expectations. An hour or two tops, but what do we expect for the price?

Would I purchase more shades? I might do, maybe, but I’ll stay away from less pigmented shades. I find this one shows a lot of imperfections on the lips. I also noticed this appearing on other bloggers pictures. The more pigmented shades do not have this trail, so all is not lost with these Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks.





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