Summer Outfit Post: Summer Ready In My Warehouse Pastel Blue Dress

I can’t believe it was this week when I took these pictures! They were taken while I was on holiday back home in the Czech Republic. My boyfriend and I were walking to my grandma’s for a lunch and the weather was so beautiful. I mean, the hot weather we are experiencing at the moment here in the UK is pretty amazing, if you ask me. But it was so hot we felt like we were walking across the Sahara!

It all seems like a distance memory now, I’m back at work, busy as usual. All is left are my memories and tons of pictures that I love to go through whenever I’m free. But today, I wanted to share with you the new dress I bought about three weeks ago. The star of today’s post is this Warehouse pastel blue dress. It was love at first sight. Warehouse is actually one of my favourite shops in the UK and that’s why my boyfriends mum always gets me a gift card from there for my birthday and I have been saving it for the summer time. I just love summer and summer fashion so much. It’s this time of the year I spend the most on my clothes. You can get away with the most bright and vivid colours you want to!

I was extremely lucky because when I actually got chance to visit a Warehouse store it was sale season, so I bought myself this dress, a white summer handbag and an amazing dark blue jumpsuit (which I’ll post about soon).

I’m amazed by the colour of this dress, so feminine, soft and romantic, but there is something playful about the cut as well. I believe it is the cut that actually caught my eye when I discovered it in the shop. It somehow reminds me of summer time in the sixties. The straight cut around the waist and the shortness are the obvious points. I also love the detailing at the back! Have a look, isn’t it gorgeous? Open, airy, perfect for this weather, but not revealing too much… this is what I like.

I haven’t styled the dress with way too many accessorise, it was in the day after all. I wore it with white pumps and my new white Warehouse handbag. I also put my hair up because it was soo hot!


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