My Little Black Number – French Connection black dress

Hyee guys! You won’t believe where I‘m blogging from right
now! On a plane! Oh hell yeah, this blogging business just got a hell lot of
more fun! I mean, I’m not going to be able to post it, because there is no
Wi-Fi but it feels so much fun! I’m going back home for a few days, to see my
family and friends, kind of like a long weekend. Also, there is a festival
going on so I’m going to pop there as well.

Well, enough of that jibber jabber, back to business.
Today’s post is about my lovely new number.

As you can read in my post from last week – my week in pictures, I’ve had a busy week.
Especially weekend. On Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to go for a
few drinks to the city centre of Leeds. It was beautiful weather, sunny and
warm, it would have been a sin to sit at home. When we got to Leeds, we decided
on a change of plans and went for a walk instead. I guess it was the warm
weather persuading us to stay outside and have a wonder. Leeds has a beautiful
walk around the canal and it all just seemed so picturesque. The sky was
heavenly blue, birds were singing and we met a lot of lovely people. I had to
take my heels off half way through, I just wasn’t wearing appropriate shoes for
a walk but I didn’t mind accommodating at all…the pain was a small price to
pay. The atmosphere of it all was truly magnificent.

There was another reason something was pulling me out! I had
a new dress and that’s a pretty massive motivation for me to leave the house!
Plus this dress is pretty special to me – it comes from French connection! Like
any other girl (or at least most of them), I get so excited whenever I have
something new! When I was picking this French Connection black dress I had two
things on my mind. It had to be glamourous (…it’s French Connection after all)
and it had to be practical as well. I wanted something that I can wear to the
office as well as on a night out. After literally two hours, browsing their
website, I went for this little black number – Feather Ruth Keyhole Dress. I mean there were so many pretty
dresses and I got so frustrated because I just couldn’t decide which one I wanted! Have a look yourself at their pretty dresses, which one would you pick?
In the end, I believe I went for the best one. What do you think?

I find it quite hard to buy anything clothing related online
simply because I got burnt so many times before. I picked the size, even
measured myself and compared it with the guide and then when it arrived, it
just wouldn’t fit. Fortunately my black dress from French Connection fitted me
very well! I’m such a lucky girl! The quality is something that I appreciate
and I never regret spending money on something that was made with such a good
care. I also like the cutting, the skirt is very girly I think while the top is
more sophisticated…. even seductive? Very feminine dress flattering my figure.





    • July 23, 2014 / 9:45 pm

      Thank you Kelly! I could do with you living with me and telling me this when I'm down, haha! But the truth is that we took about 100 pictures to get these! Plus this dress speak for itself, it's so pretty xx

  1. Jessica Montgomery
    July 31, 2014 / 9:17 pm

    That dress is so flattering – I love the cut! xo

    • June 25, 2015 / 11:48 am

      Thank you Alina, this must be my favorite one! Xx

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