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Hey pretty ladies! How is everyone? I hope you’re chillaxing on this fine Sunday evening! What an eventful week and especially weekend I’ve had! I’ve just got back from Krispy Kreme, so I’m writing this post, drinking my black coffee and stuffing my face with the sweetest and pinkest Krispy Kreme I could get – strawberry creme! Nom nom!

Every week i have a wine night with my next door neighbour, which I always look forward to. We usually plan them for the middle of the week so we can break the working week in half and make it more bearable. It’s also a night full of gossip, wine and food. Oh yeah, and lots of cuddles with this gorgeous German Shepherd girl who’s the biggest princess of us all! Such an attention seeker but I love her to bits. Look at that smile, this is victory, she’s just sat down where I sat 2 minutes ago!

The footy World Cup is also finishing today and I’m not sure if I should be happy or not. I’ll obviously get my boyfriend back, but it also means I won’t get to watch what I want! No more Harry Potter, Twilight or Pride and Prejudice! I just can’t get enough of Kiera Knightley and I love love love this scene where Mr. Darcey declares his love to Elisabeth! Ah, it gets me every time, I’m such a romantic!

I’ve also attended a bloggers event – #blogyorkshire. I had so much fun, met some new people, found out about loads of new skin care products, had fun playing games, won a raffle and even met a Slovakian girl (me being a Czech living abroad, I cherish moments like these)! Perfect! After the event a few of us went for another drink at Elbow Rooms where I managed to completely humiliate myself playing pool. I couldn’t even hit the ball so when I finally managed, we all celebrated!

Sunday was even busier for me. I managed to persuade my boyfriend to take some pictures of me in my new dress from French Connection… so if you saw some weird couple around the Leeds canal, taking pictures, that was us…I still feel very awkward, so I put massive sunglasses on and pretended it wasn’t me. I managed to make a new friend though, check out this little cutie pie! He/she came over to say hello and showed a big interested in my heels. This doggy certainly has a good taste!

Because the weather was gorgeous (and we couldn’t be bothered cooking), we decided to grace Toby Carvery with a visit. I obviously had to go for the king size plate option because…I’m just so greedy hungry! And to finish our food fest off, we went to Krispy Kreme! Classic!

It makes complete sense that I’m sitting here now, in my boyfriends oversized t-shirt (because everything else is just too tight!) All I want to do is go to bed, but I can’t because I have some stuff to finish off for work, but I’m enjoying it so I don’t mind 🙂

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    • July 20, 2014 / 4:55 pm

      You should totally do that, so much fun and great break from all the stress during the week. We girls need a girly catch up anyways…

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