Sparkles and Dazzles….the Power of Swarowski Element

We girls tend to like pretty things. I’m 100% convinced we were born with an extra gene that specialises on the one and only – sparkles and dazzles. So it comes as no surprise that Swarovski has a special place in my heart, their crystals are rooted deep down in me and I find it quite difficult to replace them with anything else.

The “Made with Swarovski element” label on products serves as a sign of authenticity and the highest standards of crystal designs. It guarantees the pieces are made with genuine Swarovski Elements. To me, they represent elegance, classiness, both romance and strength, glamour, femininity and prestige. Their crystals are like a magical window into a classy girls soul. What makes them so special and so close to me is the details that make a crystal patterns so dazzling, their variety of colours, their depth, and their multi-light reflecting facets. This is the reason why I adore this brand and why I would always pick them above any other.

The set I’m wearing today is a set given to me by my mother. She actually bought them for herself and I admired them from the first time I laid my eyes on them. Why they caught my eyes? Perhaps because it reminds me of summer and sun rays. I love the yellow undertone and the gold sparkle it has while it moves. Something I can’t get enough in the rainy UK. So thanks to my mummy for giving me her set. I look after them well.

I do tend to wear them on special occasions, sometimes even to work, but that’s very rare. They certainly are a statement piece when I go out, transforming even an ordinary outfit into something special.

This healthy dose of sparkle brings magic into my life. The pictures below were taken on my holidays in Spain. It was on our last night there, we all dressed up for the occasion and I thought to myself it would be a sin to leave them on my night stand. They perfectly compliment my tanned skin and with the dusky pink dress I was wearing on a night, it creates a perfect romantic look I was going for. Feel free to go through my holiday look outfits.

Swarovski are elements with a story, a vision and an inspiration. They are the key to a girls heart. As you may have read in my post: The moment my life changed…and I got engaged, I’m currently head over heals in planning the best day of my life – my wedding. I have my hopes pretty high that my wedding accessories will be by Swarovski. I’ll definitely share my pictures with you after the wedding…8 months to go!!


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