Outfit Post: My winter blues

I’m not the biggest fan of winter…for many reasons…but I became quite accustomed to it. It wasn’t easy as I love sun and warmth but as it’s something we just can’t avoid, I just had to find reasons to learn to winter. And when I actually opened my eyes and looked properly, I was offered plenty of opportunities to fall in love. Hot chocolates for one! Is there a better opportunity to enjoy this sweet drink without the nagging feeling of guilt? I doubt that. Also, the winter colours scheme offers a great advantage to someone like me, a-keen-photographer-wanna-be, to see completely whole new world through my lens. Unfortunately we are not very lucky and we had a snow for like two days this year nevertheless, I still managed to snap some pretty pictures.

I’m very confident now that me and winter are on a good way to become friends. We will never be BFFs but I’ve learnt to make the best out of it. Another reason, reason I try to hide in front of my (now) fiance, is the great opportunity to shop! To shop for new coats, new cosy warm cardis and over sized scarves. Also the patterns that winter season offers are one of a kind. Especially the Scandinavian pattern grew close to my heart.

So when I discovered this geometric skirt in New Look, it come to no surprise, I had to have it. I kept telling myself it’s for my own good, I NEEDED that to soothe my winter spleen, to get myself out of the “depression”…and perhaps it helped. Well, at least say that to my man if you see him and he complains I got yet another skirt!

Top: Warehouse // Skirt: New Look // Clutch: New Look // Shoes: Office

Excuse the blurry images, something I have to be more careful about. Also it was quite dark that day as it rained nearly whole day. I wore this one for a Sunday afternoon lunch in our local pub. The look I was going for was a mix of ultra laid back vibes, a relatively laid back outfit but given a little oh lala by the sparkly silver/grey jewellery set. I would like to believe the dark blue of this Warehouse pemplum top complemented the skirt very well. Given the geometric pattern on this figure hugging skirt, I believe it will appear very heavily in my wardrobe during of what’s left of this winter season. The colours are very down to earth so as you can imagine it will be pretty easy to style this look.

And a little note in the end…when you see me out and about, being a bit grumpy, don’t judge, it’s just me, lacking the sun! Say hi to make my day!


Yours truly,


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