My Mum is One in a Million

Mother’s day is just round the corner so I decided to give my mum a bit of spotlight in this blog as she had to put up with me and my little sis for a long time now. So I believe she deserves her 15 minute fame here on my blog, don’t you think? (I’m not sure my mum would like to be online so I put her picture through a programme to make her as a painting – hope she’s not going to be mad.)

Why I admire my mum? She brought up two girls with a full
time job while always making sure we have warm dinner, even on weekdays. She
always did homework with us every afternoon after school. She always cared and
loved us and she taught us that love is not always about receiving but also about giving. 

She always knew how to kick my butt into gear!  And for that I owe her tons. I’m not a cry
baby and I can take constructive criticism, learn from it and improve upon
that. I wouldn’t be able to do that without her. My mother is my harshest
critic but for that I owe her my life, my success and my will to never give up.
She makes me laugh and she makes me cry. She taught me that live is beautiful
but she also showed my its dark side. 

She made me do house chores for no pocket money (because no
one paid her to them either)  and always
made sure I faced the consequences for my actions. Thanks to her I’m

When I got ill, she would always cut my apples and oranges into small pieces and read me stories. In fact, she still cut my fruit in small pieces
when I visit and for that moment I’m a child again. Oh, how much I love those moments. 

We share a passion of watching fairy tales, magic stories; the stories where the good always beats the bad. It’s the
moment when we can just sink into the world of tales and magic, where the
impossible becomes possible. She taught me that without working hard, I’ll never achieve anything…and that anyone can make their “impossible” possible.

I could go on and on…we’ve had 30 years together when we’ve taught each others love, patience and care. We’ve shared happiness, pain, laughs, tears, we’ve gossipped, shopped, watched TV, argued (about banalities) and looked after each other…We’ve grew up together in a way, made each others better person. For that I love my mum and I always will.

Now I have few questions for you, my dear readers. Why do you love your mum? Why is she so dear to you? Or what is the phrase she uses that always sends you to stitches?!

My mum’s favourite quotes:

“Because I said so!”

“As long as you live under my roof”!

“I’m not your maid!”

“You’re the oldest! You should know better” (oh
God I hated this one so much)!

Also, did you love reading my post? Do you know the reasons why you love
your mum and why is she one in million?


Yours truly,


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