Holiday Outfit: Adventuring in White

Holiday Outfit: Adventuring in white

Today’s post is very emotional for me. It’s a typical British summer and all I can think about is last years summer holiday in Spain! Happy days filled with sunshine, sunbathing, fun, friends and family…a true clense of the soul.

Even though I tried to soak in the sun as much as I could while reading as many holiday books as possible, sometimes a break is needed from all that “relaxing”. We all decided to take a day trip to Alicante. A lovely place that, from a touristy point of view, has everything you need under “one roof”.

Holiday Outfit: Adventuring in white

Holiday Outfit: Adventuring in white

The first thing that immediately strikes you when you drive into this historical city is an amazing castle, that rises above beautiful tiny streets filled with authentic cafĂ© places and restaurants. For a keen shopper it provides plenty of local shops, overflowing with Spanish originality. At night, you will also find yourself spoilt by the choice the night life offers, and during the day you will definitely find yourself playing beach volley ball with locals and tourists. As if this wasn’t enough, the beach is something that catches your eye immediately. The length of it is immense as it drags along the coast. I envied those lucky ones who could enjoyedan early morning jog by Alicante beach.

I love discovering new places and investigating every little corner i can find. For a day like this I picked a white dress held up with sraps, exposing my arms and shoulders to those luscious warm sun rays. A perfect design if you want to make sure you tan while walking around all those magnificent historical buildings. I was kind of saving this white beauty for the end of my holidays. Nothing contrasts white like a beautifully tanned body creating the perfect holidayesqe effect we all work so hard for. This summer dress proved to be a very good choice especially as the material was so breezy. It lends the dress certain summer nonchalance. I opted for my black funky sandals that day, I know they might not be the best match but they were super comfy and it proved to be very handy sightseeing/walking for hours.

Holiday Outfit: Adventuring in white

Holiday Outfit: Adventuring in white

Big Fat Note: To prevent cancer and tan lines I used a high sun protection. It’s important to use something very strong because while lying on the beach, you would reapply it more often than while walking (unless you are OK to stop every hour to reapply it).


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  1. June 27, 2015 / 8:04 pm

    That dress is gorgeous & looks great with your tan. Alicante is not somewhere I'd think of going (I always think of Benidorm!) so might just try it especially with its historical sites!
    Bee xxx

    • June 28, 2015 / 9:58 am

      Thank you Rebecca! We only went ot Alicante for a day as I prefer quieter places (we were staying in the middle of orange groves – so pretty and romantic)! But that part of Spain is magnificient! Xx

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