Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

Hello lovelies! I have yet another holiday special for you. This time, I’m fashioning my honeymoon beachwear!
Beachwear can be both, scary and exciting! Exciting because
you know
you’re going on vacation where the sun will brighten up your day from
early morning until late at night while sipping on a
cocktail of some sort probably all day long (and all night long)…. Scary because you are getting self conscious because of all those pies
you ate during winter! Thankfully we have beachwear accessories to help
us lift our confidence! 

I did enjoy our early morning walks to a local coffee bar. The walk was beautiful, about a mile along the coast, just magnificent. Our hotel was located just few metres away from the sea but sometimes we just fancied a bit more of a private beach. We knew just the spot and we got really lucky as just few metres away was a wonderful coffee place. We had our favourite spot, right at the end, looking on the vast blue sea while being splashed by waves every now and then. Something very welcoming in 35°C heat!

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear
I didn’t really fancy putting on a dress in heat like that, but I wouldn’t walk just in my swimwear. I just felt more comfortable with a little throw or overall. I’d been splurging on my holiday/honeymoon beachwear and without even realising, I shopped for a pastel blue theme. I got some very lovely swimwear from Primark, throw from Dorothy Perkins and these cute blue jeans shorts from Miss Selfridge (and did I tell you Miss Selfridge actually regrammed my Instagram picture?). I adored the pastel hues of my swimwear, it
looked amazing against tanned skin and went really well with both, my
throw and overall. Really happy with the overall outcome.

And also, I should not forget to mention hats. I can’t imagine summer with out a big hat. They can be the best fashion accessory on the beach as well, protecting you against sun stroke! We bought ours in Croatia, my hubby picked the first one he tried, while it took me several stores to find the one for me (can you blame me?). I actually loved his hat so much that I paired it with my outfits on a night, check out my funky take on a white playsuit post.

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

Make a Splash: The Pastel Blue Beachwear

I do have to admit though that I do like my beach wear to match. Last
year, during my holiday in Spain I went for a very nature inspired
Spanish theme kind of look. You can read all about it in my Spanish theme beachwear post and then let me know in comments which beachwear theme you like the most!

So, now do you understand why I ‘m such a fan of beachwear fashion? You can create fashionable effortless looks every time. I think it’s the simplicity of them that makes the look stand out. Every little details counts and can transfer your look into a sea goddess. One little touch can create the best beach look.

I have had my wedding to pay for and obviously the honeymoon so I couldn’t really afford to shop for expensive beachwear but I hope I achieved my mission on a hunt for the perfect beach wear on a budget.


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    • August 16, 2015 / 8:11 pm

      Thank you Julia, they truly are Xx

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