The Perfect Beachwear for my Holiday in Spain

The Perfect Beachwear for Holiday in Spain

Don’t you just love the feeling you get just before you leave for your summer holiday? I certainly do! I love to plan my holiday wardrobe…all the sassy holiday outfits for those warm summer nights as well as searching for the perfect beachwear. I get very excited by browsing online shops, saving items into baskets just so I can return later and pick the best holiday wardrobe. I consider beachware as one of the most important summer holiday
items…don’t you think so? Well, let’s face it I basically live in my
swimwear the whole time…hence the planning!

This year, I was very skint as I had a wedding and honeymoon to pay for and I also was very busy planning it all as well as working. So I had to satisfy my shopping addiction by visiting shops only during my lunch break at work. Good job I work in the city centre of Leeds! Nevertheless, I still believe I’ve done a great job, all things considered, Croatia beachwear post is coming soon!

On the other hand, last year I got to plan my holiday wardrobe a bit more. We went to Spain and for me, this country represents a certain theme. When you say Spanish, I see a lot of bright vivid colours, lively people, red wine and nature. Our villa was also in the middle of an orange plantation, hence the holiday wardrobe theme I went for was very…natural.

Going on holiday in August has its advantages. Apart from the fact that you are 80% guaranteed sunny weather, the summer sales have already started. Win win situation! I got these animal faux fur flip flops on a sale from Next and you can see me wearing these in most of my holiday outfit posts. They are super comfy and still stylish. My hat and my pretty little hand bag were both straw which complimented very nicely my kimono that was in very fiery hues – red and orange. Super-savvy beach goers would love this classy and smart-looking kimono, no one would ever guess it’s Primark!

The Perfect Beachwear for Holiday in Spain

The Perfect Beachwear for Holiday in Spain

The Perfect Beachwear for Holiday in Spain

The Perfect Beachwear for Holiday in Spain

The strawy bag might have been too small for a proper beach bag, but on the other hand it was very practical. I could put the coffee money in and then hide the bag underneath our lounger or beach towel. We kept our water in a backpack that my man carried around. It would have been hard to hide a backpack so we didn’t keep anything expensive in there hence we didn’t care if anyone stole it.

The straw hat is something little I got myself while in Spain and it was literally my best friend while out there. It’s perfect for those sunny summer days, don’t you think? I not only wore it on the beach but I also made use of this hat during a day sightseeing (as you can see in my holiday post here) as I didn’t want to end up with a sun stroke.

With my beachwear I was trying to recreate an eclectic blend of traditional Spanish style with contemporary Western style. Traditional Spanish fashion is well known for its multicoloured wardrobe hence I think I hit the nail on its head with my colourful kimono.

What do you think? Did I managed to recreate the Spanish theme well?


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