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Can’t believe how quick the year’s gone. It only feels like yesterday since I posted… and here we go again 🙂 I love it though, I love how quickly my life evolves and changes and I’m so ready for 2016! But if you fancy a bit of reminiscing on my past year, sit back and enjoy!


It was all quiet on my blog in January. God knows what I was doing (obviously working really hard in my day time job, lets leave it at that). February was a different story. I celebrated Valentine’s day with my family and my husband (to be at the time) in Czech republic. Love should be celebrated in all forms and to be so incredibly lucky to celebrate it with not only your partner but your whole family is incredibly rewarding. Read all about it here, isn’t my sister’s dog just adorable?


In March I decided to launch a new series on my blog called “Project Me Time“. This series is primarily for those who prioritise all the things they HAVE TO DO rather than concentrate (from time to time) on the things they WANT TO DO. It’s my journey to learn to relax more and by that I don’t mean watch TV after work. Read the first post over here: Project Me Time: Find time for yourself!


April was nice and busy month for me and my blog. I felt like I had my new blogging mojo inserted into me and I was on fire! The post that you all loved from this month was Outfit Post: The Story of one Grey Poncho, where I was rocking my carefree poncho look just before the spring finally made its way towards us (Big sigh, I wish it’s warm again).


When I wrote my “What’s in my handbag” post, I had no idea how popular it would get.  Maybe it was given by the fact spring finally arrived or you were all smitten by the pink hues and pretty pictures. Who knows but thank you for sticking with me.


Ahhh, lovely June. The time it got sunny and I spent a lot on summer sales. I’ve went for a lovely walk at Nostel Priory (in my new clothes) and truly enjoyed every minute of being together with my man. Read all about it here: Outfit Post: My Slice of Mango. Sometimes, all we need is just to stop and breathe. Get free from the
stress of our lives and look around us, enjoy the small
little things that we normally might not see.


Another aaaaahh. My blog was extremely quiet. Why? Because I got married that month and had plenty of  last minute tasks that needed finishing. Also, planning a wedding from a different country is not the easiest task! Nevertheless I got to post that month, about my holiday in Spain: Holiday Outfit: Sun Kissed in a Pink Dress. The feeling of packing for an adventure never gets old, does it! But oh
my, the worst feeling ever is the harsh realisation that the holiday
you’ve dreamt of for the whole year is coming to an end!


There were two most popular posts that month and wouldn’t be fair just to mention one. The first one would be holiday outfit post from my honeymoon – Holiday Outfit: The Magic of Timeless Playsuit. Going on a holiday is easily the most exciting time of the year
for anyone. It’s something we’ve been looking forward the whole year. Time to
relax, wind down, read a good book or two, eat lovely (sea)food in as
many (fish) restaurants as we can and swim in a sea as much as we can.

The second post worth mentioning is so close to my heart! Why? It’s all about my bridesmaids. As a special thank you I decided to create a personalised beauty box for them, they were given these two weeks before the wedding, to tell them how much they mean to me and how special they are.


Last days of summer. We were certainly treated to nice warm September and hence I was venturing a lot that month – also trying to milk out last few days of summer outfits before the hot chocolates and woolly socks arrived. I also got to visit Tropical world in Leeds, dreamy place for when you desire to leave the erratic city life behind for a moment or two and re-connect with nature.


October was the month when I finally decided to share the happiest moments of my life: My wedding day special. It was by far one of the most popular posts not only that year, but also overall!

Over the years we’ve learnt to respect each other and live with our
flaws. I find all this very important if you want to stay with someone
for the rest of your lives. I feel like people forget this nowadays and
cut and run as soon as they come across the first relationship hiccups.
That’s why I feel extremely lucky to get a chance to spend my life with a
person who is not scared to face life together.


This was the time when my Project Me Time re-appeared again. I have decided to share with you my passion – plants and flowers. They create such a perfect centerpiece in any room. Have you noticed
that every time you walk into a room with flowers, your eyes rest on


Even though it’s been crazy cold and wet, I actually managed to take few outfit posts. The one that’s been trending the most is about me getting lost in art. I adore museums and galleries. Perhaps because I’m fascinated with all
those intelligent and thoughtful conversions that people tend to have.

I have also written very popular post about the day when I get to do nothing but blogging. These are my favorite kind of days but unfortunately I don’t get to do these very often. Life often gets in a way but then again it bring me new adventures. I wouldn’t be able to share a lot with you if I sit on my bottom all day long!

Well, that’s about it my dearest and loveliest! Thank you for coming along on this journey with me and spending time with me on Instagram & Twitter, you’re my everyday inspiration!

So here’s to a splendid New Year! Enjoy your celebrations however they advance.


Yours truly,



  1. December 31, 2015 / 4:03 pm

    Great roundup! Your photography is always on point!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

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