The Leeds City Guide and my Favourite Spots

There are many places around the UK where I can very easily imagine myself to live. Lovely Cornwall, picturesque Lake district, always busy London but I decided to settle down in Leeds. Why Leeds?

It provides me with everything I need to make my life enjoyable. There is plenty of opportunities to find the job that you always wanted, shopping opportunities are endless – no matter what’s inside your wallet and once you get tired of the busyness of this city, you can always find leisure activities inside as well as outside of Leeds.

I’ve lived in quite a few places around the UK but my heart belongs to Leeds. I love the businessy feel Leeds provides and I love discovering the unique hidden gems that have become “IT” and come to live after 5 o’clock every Friday. There is just so many of them.

Morgans and CityLiving has asked me to pick some of my favourite places around Leeds, to let their readers know why do I love Leeds and what are the best places to visits in Leeds. You can read my post on their blog City Living. To be fair, it proved to be quite a task as there are so many amazing places that deserve the spotlight. Nevertheless I gave it a shot and put together my Leeds City Guide. Sit down and enjoy.

1) Granary Wharf
There are so many options for food and drinks, it has everything you can anything you can think of; Spanish tapas, Italian mezes, Brazilian steak house and many more. My favourite is a a Double Tree Hilton hotel with the Sky lounge. During warm summer days me and my friends sit by the river and enjoy our cold beverage (cool beer or chilled white white for me, please). Sky lounge is perfect at night as you are offered fantastic view of Leeds.

Another wonderful place from this area worth a visit is The Hop, contemporary bar that offers beers from around the world. Every now and then you get to listen to a live band which always makes the evening one of a kind.

You can even go for a walk around the canal, it’s so lovely there during summer!

The best thing about Leeds is, it’s full of unique and diverse little corners like this one, you can always discover new bars and restaurants with lots of vibe.

2) 2 Oxford Place
I adore this lovely quirky coffee place. I’m quite lucky to be working in the city centre and this is my favourite spot to visit during my lunch breaks with my colleagues. Coffees and teas are served in vintage tea cups and tea pots and the café is beautifully decorated in an early 1900’s style. It’s perfect for brunch but if you ever go there, try their desert menu, delicious!

3) Trinity & Victoria Quarter
When the Trinity shopping centre first opened, every shopaholics heart leapt as the overall shopping experience improved dramatically. The entire Leeds city centre shopping area is now joined, starting at Trinity continuing all the way down to Victoria Quarter.

4) The Corn Exchange & Leeds market 
When I said Leeds has everything, I really meant it. The Leeds city market is worth a visit, you can get an amazing fresh fruit, vegetable and meat for a fraction of the price and you’re supporting local businesses. You can see me blabbing about it quite a lot on my Instagram!

The Corn Exchange is also full of local businesses but these are more fashion stores and little fashion brands. This place also hosts quite a lot of vintage fairs, I’ve already stocked up on quite a few quirky and unique goods from there that I’ve been modelling around here in my fashion posts.

5) The Botanist
Any beer lover (such as myself), needs to try their selection of beers and ales. This place is original and quirky, they do serve fantastic food and the presentation is always astonishing. If you ever go there, do try one of their burgers, the taste is divine.

6) Tropical World & Roundhay Park
There are times
when we all need to relax a bit and leave the every day stress behind
us.  Hence a bit of re-connecting with nature is in order. If I don’t
feel like leaving Leeds, I tend to go to Tropical World. I find this
place incredibly peaceful and relaxing and since it’s been expanded,
there is more animals like pretty butterflies, fish and birds to look
at! Although meerkats and turtles are my favourite.

And if you’re into fashion and like the outfit below, visit my outfit post Last days of summer where you can not only find out where these gorgeous pieces are from but you can also discover a bit more about me.

is also Roundhay Park for those that fancy a walk, this place is huuge
and once I have a dog, it’s going to be my favourite place to walk him or her.

7) Yorkshire Sculpture Park – my heaven on earth.
This is my favourite place of all. Literally. I’ve written about the Yorkshire Sculpture Park previously and if you live around the area but never been, the you should read it and visit it asap. Honestly.

To walk among the art is one of the most rewarding activities for me. I try to imagine how much hard work, imagination and passion went into each of the arts. It’s always so interesting to find out what inspired them and what is the story behind a particular piece of art. You also get to walk amongst herds of sheep and cows and the middle of the park flows a river, which is always surrounded by waddling ducks. When I’m there, I feel peaceful and content.

I visit this place quite often, the outfit below is from my latest visit and is featured in my outfit post Heaven doesn’t seem so far away. And yes, I’m talking about the YSP again!

It’s hard to summarise Leeds in just a few short sentences, whatever you fancy, Leeds has it to offer. I’ve lived here for about 7-8 years now and can’t imagine myself moving anywhere else. Hope you enjoyed my Leeds city guide!

Have you ever been to Leeds? I love discovering new hidden gems, so let me know what places are worth the visit around the area!


Yours truly,



    • December 3, 2015 / 12:37 pm

      The Alchemist is on my list of places to go to, I just never have time, would you believe it? I must go though! Thanks for leaving a comment Xx

  1. December 11, 2015 / 6:38 pm

    Such a wonderful guide – I headed to the SkyLounge last weekend for afternoon tea and I can't believe I've only just discovered Granary Wharf! I will definitely be heading back.

    I love your other picks, especially the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, it's such a beautiful place

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