New Trend: Leather Cross Body Bag

New Trend: Leather Cross Body Bag
Image Courtesy of Joules

Oh I do love to travel! I wish I can pack my suitcase and just set off towards an adventure of some kind. To board a plane and leave far far away! Right now, it would be somewhere warm, sunny with sea within a walking distance and mountains in the background.

However, packing for holiday is not my favourite thing at all. There is always so many things I would love to pack with me. How am I meant to know what kind of adventures is awaiting me? I shouldn’t really complain, I get to travel quite a lot, since I live abroad. Every time I long to visit my family I have to jump on a plane and “fly” (go).

Long weekends with my family are the best. However for such short occasions I tend to pack only a hand luggage. Where am I going with all this?

Well, do I really want to open mu suitcase every time someone wants my passport or boarding ticket?

What about my phone? Do I want to rummage through my stuff? No, thank you.

That is why I carry my cross-body bag. It’s small enough that I can get away with two hand luggage and big enough to carry my documents, travel money and phone.

Cross body bags are not only practical but they are also very convenient. These babies never go out of fashion. I’ve had mine for about 10 years – yes 10 years. The only reason it’s lasted me this long is because it’s a very good quality leather. It was a present from my parents, purchased on their travels in Italy. It’s a beautiful brown leather piece that I still adore. However I feel like I’m due an upgrade, or perhaps I really want a different shade, like a black one.

I’ve been internet-window-shopping quite a lot recently and this is when I came across MAYFAIR Leather Cross Body Bag and I felt in love. This bag is not only practical but very stylish. Whilst reptile skins and micro bags are bang on trend, black will go with anything. Very convenient while I travel. What is more, this cross body bag is also leather one, a quiet promise of a good quality and longevity. Win Win! Joules has plenty of great bags but I think this one suits my style the best. What do you think, any advice?

What about you, lovelies. Where do you carry all your travel essentials?


Yours truly,

Dash xx



  1. October 2, 2016 / 1:09 pm

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