When there is love, there is happiness…

When there is love, there is happiness...

There was no need for an alarm clock this morning. I was woken up by something warm tickling my face. I opened my eyes and quietly screamed in disbelief! The sun was out this morning, stretching its rays through the trees in the garden, right through the window, tickling my chin:

“Hello, wake up sleepy head, I’m here!”

Mornings like this one cannot be overlooked! Mornings like this one ought to be embraced and I knew adventures were waiting for us outside the door. I jumped up charged by this little promise and quietly sneaked out from the room, leaving my husband soundly asleep. I decided to surprise him so I got my apron out, and soon enough the house was overtaken by the scent of lavender as I took  upon baking our favourite lavender scones, perfect for Valentine’s day breakfast. Our first Valentine’s day as a married couple, (read about our wedding at my Wedding day special) that simply cannot be overlooked!

When there is love, there is happiness...

Soon enough his big smile peeked through the door, surely following the fragrance. And look, big bouquet of red roses hidden behind his back! Where were they hidden the whole time? A few big hugs and kisses later, he was at the coffee machine, brewing my morning pick-me-up espresso. He knows me too well.

Soon after our breakfast we endured the cold and left the house, following the promise of walking in the sunshine. It was truly cold but somehow the sun made it feel a lot better. We decided to visit the old ruins of the Sandal castle and had the most wonderful walk. It’s so peaceful, still early in the morning and not many people around.

Walking hand in hand alongside the castle, left foot…right foot…left…right, taking in the cold air, walking towards the sun.

Walking and exercise – combating bad mood spells hand in hand! We do love to leave the erratic city behind us every weekend and hide among trees and green grass.

Enjoying every sip of the morning cold air and soaking in the beautiful view we get from the top of the hill…I feel so calm.

It’s the moments like these I realise how fortunate I am, getting to spend the rest of my life with the best man walking on Earth who not only gets me, but he takes me the way I am. With the good and the bad. And trust me, I’m not the easy going one.

I wish you all discover this kind of love, to love and to be loved. 

When there is love, there is happiness...



Yours truly,

Dash xx



    • February 14, 2016 / 6:24 pm

      Ahh, thank you Rosy! We did, hope you did as well. Those scones are delicious by the way! Xx

  1. February 25, 2016 / 4:19 pm

    Aw such a sweet post, and it sounds like you had a lovely Valentine's! 🙂

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