Design: Top 5 Advices You Need When Decorating Your First Home

Design: Top 5 Advices You Need When Decorating Your First Home

Buying a house is an extremely stressful situation (I find it that way anyway) because once you find the house that you love, it’s really hard not to get your hopes up for them to be then crushed as it’s either too expensive or there are major issues with the house and the repair would be too expensive. We’ve been searching for our house for the last two years (hence the bitterness) and we were let down twice for the same reason I’ve just mentioned.

Despite this, it’s also a joyous experience and I have to admit, whilst I try not to get carried away, there is this tiny little hope that this house is going to be ours and the further we are in to the process, the more our hope grows.

Because of the recent happenings, I was inspired to update my home decoration section on the blog with this My top tips when decorating your first home post. Now, let me get one things straight, I’m not here to tell you what colour to choose from and what is the must trend. No, I’ll try to help you to look for inspiration, kind of like a starting point for when you finally make this huge financial commitment.

Buying a house is expensive and once you get through all those solicitors fees, survey charges and so on, you might not even have money left for the essentials. That’s the main reason I’ve been collecting certain home decoration throughout the last two years as I know they will make my first home homely as well as stylish (and on a budget).

Top Things You Need When Decorating Your First Home

Boxes – Hide your Mess Away
Clean and modern doesn’t always have to mean cold. Try to resist overcrowding a room. It will not only look clean and tidy but it will also create a very relaxing environment to live in. All those knickknacks that we use every week but don’t really go with the house can be put away in boxes. I already have a great collection of boxes that will go into every room to put my mess away.

Well, all those boxes, prints, pictures, plants have to go somewhere, hey? Shelves and pictures are your little helpers that will make your home cosy and homely. As you can read throughout my post, I’m very much against empty walls. I mean who wouldn’t be after so many years of renting properties where you couldn’t hang a thing?

What’s more, #SHELFIES have now become a thing in the trendy world of home design. The key to a perfectly-styled shelf or a bookshelf is to pick an intriguing backdrop. I have some interesting wallpaper or a standout paint in my mind, then I will follow it up with a collection of assorted books, magazines, pictures or prints. I would also add my favourite plants, succulent and cacti in funky plant pots to add a bit of life into my home.

Design: Top 5 Advices You Need When Decorating Your First Home

Pictures are another great way to add a bit of personality into any home. Whether we are talking gallery art or just pictures you took of your family, friends or even from your holiday.

I have so many ideas in my head and I can’t wait to realise at least half of them. But for now, I’m crawling all charities and car boot sales, and collecting all those intriguing frames that I will one day hang on my walls. The plan is to paint those frames and create interesting picture collages throughout my house. The only room I’ve decided on is the hall so far, it’s going to be filled with all things nature, as I want it to be a natural transition as you move from the garden to the house. The rest is in the cards for now!

Ok, I admit, this must be a girly thing and won’t attract many guys. However perfectly styled candles can add an intriguing assemblage to any hidden corner of your room. Or do you remember those fireplaces that no one uses? Why don’t you fill them with candles?

I’m a candle-obsessed-girl so it comes as no surprise that I have a Pinterest candles decorations board dedicated to styling tips on decorating with candles as well as candle DIY. So why don’t you pop over for some more candle inspiration?

Design: Top 5 Advices You Need When Decorating Your First Home

Decorate with Plants – “Surround yourself with the living”
I adore plants. I grew up surrounded by plants in my bedroom. In fact, plants occupied every single room in my parents’ house and this is a tradition that I  tend to carry on and teach my children. Afterall it’s plants that we owe our lives to (hint: remember photosynthesis?).

And don’t forget, nothing softens a room like a potted tree in a corner, or mix and match of plants on our shelves. They not only look great but will also add a bit of character and livelihood. Are you worried you’re not exactly “a green thumb”? Don’t worry, cacti and succulents are bang on trend and will transform any room into your own private sanctuary. If you need an inspiration, visit my Pinterest Board dedicated to Plants & Flowers.

My Tip: Decorate your home with similar shades. I have a colour palette on my mind that I would like my house to be decorated with and I try to stick to it. This is to make sure my home won’t look disorganised and this little trick will add a bit of unity. As you can see below, it will be filled with grey shades and finished with soft hues of pastels.

Design: Top 5 Advices You Need When Decorating Your First Home

Where to find inspiration

As I’ve mentioned we are in the exciting (and extremely exhausting and nerve wracking) process of buying a house. I’m over the moon with the thought of finally having my own house and I literally cannot wait to move away from those standard yellow walls and beige carpets of rental properties.

It’s really not that hard to find the right inspiration when decorating your own home, with Pinterest dominating the field on a massive scale. However I try to expand my own views & limitations and look a bit further. I have my favourite magazines like Ideal Home that help me to discover the latest home decoration trends and I also Google a lot. I’ve recently come across Housenetwork who are running the #HNhomestyling project. See, there is plenty of inspiration out there, just open your eyes!

Design: Top 5 Advices You Need When Decorating Your First Home

My last piece of advice when decorating your own home:

Go with something personal that makes you smile and screams YOU. Don’t try to be a copycat. I know that room on page 136 of your favourite home magazine looks just fabulous but make sure you’re comfortable living in it …..

Now, what about you? What are your Top Advices you would give to someone who’s decorating their first home? 


Yours truly,



  1. April 17, 2016 / 7:03 pm

    Loved this post, I made a fair few decorating mistakes when I bought my first home, such as getting too enthusiastic and jumping in without a full plan… ended up spending double re-doing the horrific colour schemes I went for.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. April 17, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    Me and my boyfriend are moving into our first flat soon and I love the idea of having shelves to put all my pretty blog prop-esque stuff on! I'm also SUCH a candle hoarder, so they're definitely going to be a key feature

    Steph –

  3. May 9, 2016 / 3:52 pm

    I've just moved in with my boyfriend and although I've fallen in love with it, everything is white and I've been trying to add bits of colour here and there so I find posts like this super useful! Thank you.

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