66 Standard Thoughts Girls Have When Dressing Up In The Morning

66 Standard Thoughts Girls Have When Dressing Up In The Morning.

It was one of those stereotypical mornings. My mind was running on 110% as I wildly rummaged through my wardrobe just to find something that will do for the day. When I thought, surely I’m not the only one? So I decided to summarise my thought process, just to amuse you / or get some sympathetic vibes coming from your way.

Just to warn you, there might be some offensive language. Do not read if you’re going to get offended What happens in the morning, stays in the morning. 

Are you ready?

1.    “I have nothing to wear!”

2.    “Geez, but I do really have nothing to wear …”

3.    “I’ll get my jeans … a good pair of jeans always fix everything.”

4.    “I mean, jeans are fine…but…it’s just fine, I don’t want to look just fiiine!”

5.    “Oh gosh, I’m going to look plain!”

6.    “Did I put on weight? They don’t seem to fit as they used to”

7.    “Oh no, no…Did I?!?”

8.    …”What did I eat this weekend?”

9.    “Yeah, there  was boozing last Friday and greasy take away afterwards is a must. That helps with hangovers aka medical reasons. Saturday’s brunch – big English breakfast, obviously, it was Saturday after all. Oh yeah, we went out for a dinner as well.”

10.    “Did I really drunk that whole bottle of wine? Oops. Sunday started well with porridge (Oh I was soo good on Sunday)….”

11.    “Oh no, I had Indian takeaway….And beer to help me sleep… “

12.    “Note to myself, I can’t eat that much anymore. Really, and I need to sign up to the gym. Yes, that’s it. It will solve everything.”

13.    “Didn’t I sign up in January? Oh yes I did…(happy face, high five).”

14.    “How many times did I go? Note to myself, I have to go to the gym. (Or cancel my membership…ssshh)”

15.     “I’ll pair these jeans with a sweater to hide that belly of mine.”

16.    “Well, now I look like a circuit freak. Do I also have a big bottom in these jeans?”

17.    “No, I stand too close to the mirror. That’s it”

18.    “I need a new pair of jeans!”

19.    “Maybe I should wear a skirt? 

20.    “Jeans down, skirt up.”

21.    “Well, it can’t be this one, that’s too short. “

22.    “What about this one? Oh I do love this one!”

23.    “What’s this stain doing here? OK, so not this one.”

24.    “Perhaps the red one? No this one is for winter. This one’s got autumn season written all over it. That one is a summer one, this is too tight, I;m going to work not a club.”

25.    (5 minutes later) “Where are all my good skirts?”

26.    “Bugger, bugger..bugger…”

27.    “I need new skirts!”

28.    “A dress. Yes a dress will do! This will kill two birds with one stone, I don’t have to worry what top will go with it.”

29.    “Which one, which one, which one…”

30.    “Too smart, too casual, too short, too see-through…Oh look!”

31.    “A  knit dress? So chic!”

32.    “Sweet Jesus no!!!! I look just like my grandmother.”

33. “…or do I?”

34.    “I need new dresses!”

35.    “(Jeez, do I really look like her!)”

36.    “This beige 1970s maxi dress is lovely.”

37.    “Oh, bugger, you can see my underwear.”

38.    “I need to get my some new body coloured panties.”

39.    “…and a shapewear…”

40.    “…for tummy and thights.”

41.    “Or liposuction, ha ha …”

42.    “Seriously, I have to go to the gym. And book a therapy to get my over my eating habits… Yes, it’ll be new me, it’ll be amazing and I’ll feel great!!”

43.    “I’ll start tomorrow!”

44.    “Perhaps the day after, I’m going out tonight and I’ll be hangover tomorrow and I’ll be shattered after work!”

45.    “Okay, what about another pair of jeans and a white T-shirt, I can’t go wrong with this combo …”

46.    “Damn, I’m wearing a black bra, so …”

47.    “Should I change the shirt…?”

48.    “…Or a bra?”

49.    “Gosh, I got my make-up on it now, I’m such a cow!”

50.    “Right, so a black shirt it is …”

51.    “Does this black look grey? Oh no, this just won’t work.”

52.    “Ahh, camice and a blazer, I’ll look smart for work and chic for the gig tonight.”

53.    “I’ll get my bag.” Is this one too big for a night out? Where is that small black over the shoulder one?”

54.    “Oh there, good. That looks perfect. Yay!!!”

55.    “Shoes, shoes shoes. These brown don’t go with black.”

56.    “Heels, it will have to be heels.”

57.    “I won’t be comfy, all day plus tonight…”

58.    “Back to flats.”

59.    “But I like my heels. I’ll wear heels, I can be comfy when I get old.”

60.    “Heels it is then.”

61.    “And go, go go…”

62.    “…where are my car keys?”

63.    “Last look in the mirror.”

64.    “Oh hey … it’s not so bad afterall…”

65.    “Am I running late?”

66.   “I really have nothing to wear!”

If you’ve managed to stay tuned until now, thank you. I hope I managed to make your day. Do you also suffer from “morning mania”? Is there a phrase that should be in my list? Let me know!


Yours truly,

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  1. June 27, 2016 / 4:41 pm

    Ha this post made me laugh, this is the story of my life!! Especially ""What's this stain doing here? OK, so not this one."" I hate when I find the perfect outfit and I manage to get toothpaste down it!!

    Love your blog by the way 🙂

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