Competition time! #QuirkyPair with Joe Browns

Competition time! #QuirkyPair with Joe Browns

Hey guys, I have some really exciting news to share with you all today!! Are you listening to me? To promote the launch AW16 collection, Joe Browns have organised a competition for us

Are you up to the challenge? I know I am as the price is…WAIT FOR IT…£1,000 Joe Browns voucher. 

 All you have to do is find £1,000 of Joe Browns vouchers hidden inside the shoes. Joe Browns have created a video to celebrate the love story of two quirky shoes…aahhh!

So, as you can see, the mischievous #quirkypair were last seen walking off, lace in lace, into Leeds – of all places!! So what do you have to do? The first to find them will WIN £1,000 of Joe Browns vouchers hidden inside them!

If you’re are local or big fan of Joe Browns, why don’t you follow the on twitter @joebrowns as they will share for clues on where they’re hiding.

The clues will start at 10am on Saturday 13th August with the final reveal that afternoon!

For those of you who don’t know, Joe Browns is a quirky brand inspired by bold colours & bright patterns. I’ve already had the pleasure of working with these guys last winter when we did a photoshoot for their accessories (please do read the post 😉 ) It’s such a lovely and easy going brand that support so don’t forget to visit their site Joe Browns, there is a sale now on!

So, are you in? We might see each other manically searching through Leeds so if you see me out there, say hi to me!


Yours truly,

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