My Experience and Review of the RUSH Hair York

My Experience and Review of the RUSH Hair York

Every woman loves to be pampered, taken care of and looked after. To enjoy the peaceful moment when someone else is taking care of you is a sheer bliss. I have to admit, I’m no different. I just love to indulge in the moment of comfort and relax and whilst I’m an independent woman, I don’t mind getting spoilt every now and then.

About a week ago my husband and his friends were doing Lyke Walk – 42,8 miles! That meant I was left at home on my own. It was meant to be a beautiful sunny day so I decided to spend the day on my terms. I’d been a very long time since I went to York and I missed the vibrant historic city. So much so, I decided I would spend my day there.

To make things even more exciting, I decided to start the day getting pampered so I booked myself to Rush Hair York for a haircut and a blow dry. The Rush Hair York salon have opened just a week before I got the pleasure to visit and it is also the first Rush salon in Yorkshire! You can find it right in the middle of it all, centred within historical streets of York on Market Street – a beautiful cobbled street.

My Experience and Review of the RUSH Hair York

My Experience and Review of the RUSH Hair York

My Experience and Review of the RUSH Hair York

The place was absolutely amazing! In fact, all the staff were very professional and attentive. Jess, who did my hair, was a true professional stylists, listening to what exactly I wanted and re-creating the image I had in my head! I left the salon with my hair cut exactly how I wanted it and feeling like a supermodel walking out of there.

Getting spoilt certainly helped me to unwind and de-stress after a crazy week. I felt nice and relaxed.
After a great pampering session, I decided to mingle among busy shoppers and all-over-the-place tourist. The city had the right holiday vibe and I felt so relaxed. I visited a few of my favourite shops (did a bit of shopping), watched a few tourist attractions and just had the best time. For us girls, shopping is like a good stress buster and it certainly put a smile on my face.


As you can see, my hair was untidy and in a need of a proper shape-up. I’ve been really busy and stress so I didn’t have time to look after myself more! Life does get in a way time to time, doesn’t it!


Lovely result, my bob has a better shape than ever and thanks to the perfect blow-dry, my hair were bouncing all day long!

After a good few hours in the street I was walking back to the train station when I came across an old school van build into a quirky vintage rum bar located right next to the river. It was incredibly busy, given the sunny weather, and I was soon joined at my table by a lovely couple with two huge dogs. One was called Archie and the other one was Pebbles. It was lovely to sit in the sun and watch people busy around. It was so easy to get lost in my own mind!

If you ever visit York, why don’t you start the day by pampering yourself – it will certainly change your whole output on the day. So bob down to Rush hair York salon for a bit of Me-Time!!


Yours truly,

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