Coffee: Because adulting is hard

Yet again I woke up early in the morning. It’s not like me but then it’s weekend and I can feel the energy flowing through my veins. It’s clearly my day off otherwise I would have been begging my brain to shut down for another 5 minutes. Not this time, I feel reckless but I keep my eyes shut and listen to the new day being born. It’s too early for cars but I can still hear the odd one. There is a dog barking in the distance and I’m trying to decipher what message he’s telling the world. Perhaps he’s too happy to be alive.

The sun in the sky has moved higher and it’s now peeking through the gaps in between the blinds and tickling my face. There is no need to postpone it any longer, this is my alarm clock and I quietly sneak out of the bed. No need to wake my hubby up, I long to welcome this morning alone.

It’s a start to my early morning perfection. I tiptoe down the stairs and quietly shut the door behind me. I love just about anything about mornings like this. The chance to wake up and start again, fresh…everything seems easier on mornings, doesn’t it?

Coffee: Because Adulting is Hard | Flat Lay Photography, Coffee on a table

I start the coffee machine and let it warm up. In the meantime I put on classical music. I bet you didn’t know that about me but Beethoven and Mozart are very well known buddies in my house…🎡

I choose the blend I fancy this morning (and yes, I do have a selection of about 20 different coffee grains) and soon enough it’s the moment when coffee scent softly tickles my nose…

…and I let it seduce me…

If you haven’t noticed by now, me and coffee are in a very special relationship. Drinking coffee is a ritual to me and my appetite for coffee doesn’t know its limits. But I immensely enjoy this hobby of mine.

Coffee: Because Adulting is Hard

Sipping on this delicious poison breathing in its vapour and looking out of the window whilst listening to Mozart is ‘my pure bliss’. I still can’t get over this house, we’ve been living here for over 3 months now but I still consider myself incredibly lucky. I have to pinch myself that after all that hassle getting this house I can finally call it my home.

Being an adult is hard. As soon as you spread your wings, you’ll find yourself in a constant swirl ofΒ  responsibilities, payments, bills, mortgage and work. Life becomes life and it can get hard to handle. That’s why I need some ME TIME to wind down, gather my thoughts and find my own peace. Coffee helps me, it’s my own stabiliser.

I cherish my weekend mornings and I treat them with respect. Those quiet moments when you find yourself sipping a freshly brewed morning coffee surrounded by things that you own, that you’ve worked hard for put it all in perspective and all of a sudden it all makes sense. Life comes together and there is a light at the end of that tunnel…

Coffee: Because Adulting is Hard | Flat Lay Photography, Coffee on a table“I need caffeine. Whatever form you’ve got. I haven’t had any all day. I’ll drink it, shoot it, eat it, snort it, whatever form it’s in.” β€” Lorelai, Gilmore girls

Coffee drinking is a tradition in our family. I’ll always cherish those memories when everyone finished their breakfast and my dad would make us all shots of espresso. We would all disappear to our garden to where we would chat about our life, plan the day…and just be together, not disturbed by TV or our phones. One big happy family πŸ’—

I like to have a lot of things in my life but there is only a few things that I MUST to have in my life – everyday. Even when my day has gone a little ‘sour’, there is nothing like a good cup of dark coffee to cheer up my soul and heal the mind. A colossal cup of caffeine with its a magical attitude that can change any mundane day and make it better or special.

Coffee: Because Adulting is Hard | Flat Lay Photography, Coffee on a table

β˜• If loving coffee is wrong then I don’t want to be right. β˜•

Probably the only time I would admit I’m wrong but I really do hope you’ve enjoyed this posts and let me know what is your favourite way to drink this magical beverage.

For now, have a gorgeous day you all and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. I know life is complicated…but so is science and yet you see the sun rising every morning!


Yours truly,





  1. April 26, 2017 / 8:41 pm

    I loved reading this post, the words flow like that perfect smooth coffee. And I’m with you 100%, I always wake up early at the weekend while the Mr loves his lie in and I savor those perfect quiet mornings too (and always with a cup in my hands). My family always made Turkish coffee and we also sat around and talked. I’ve recently learned to cherish the little things in life and it makes me much happier.

    Maya |

  2. July 23, 2017 / 9:20 pm

    Your writing is just beautiful. I adored reading this. Coffee mornings are my favourite and you just described them perfectly. I cherish the peaceful moment to feel grateful for a new day and then get myself ready to conquer the day ahead. It’s pure bliss. Also, there’s nothing like the smell of coffee to wake you up and put a smile on your face! πŸ™‚
    Lucy xx

  3. Mustafa
    January 6, 2018 / 12:52 pm

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Coffee is my weakness and strength. Coffee mornings are hands down my favorite. It is coffee for which I look forward to mornings.


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