PROJECT ME TIME: How To Fulfil Your Dreams

PROJECT ME TIME: How To Fulfil Your Dreams

There is a dream I have that pops into my head quite a lot (it’s a bit of secret though) and sometimes wakes me up at night. I then find myself staring into the ceiling debating pros and cons and arguing with my what-if-inner-self  It just keep swirling in my head!

If you want to fulfil your little dream, if you can’t sleep at night and your vision is all you can think of, than it’s really something you should pursue. At least I believe so, there is no room in your life to be plain miserable! ‘What ifs’ are not enough…

Now, I’m not saying that fulfilling a dream is simple. Oh no! You’ll need a lot of strength, time and sacrifice and when you run out of each you’ll need to dig deep to find some more. But then when you look at the result, when you achieve your dream, all of a sudden it will all fall in place and you’ll know that all those nerves, sleepless nights and gallons of coffee were worth it.

PROJECT ME TIME: How To Fulfil Your Dreams

I know from my own experience, sometimes it may also turn out not as you’d expected…and you’ll lose. However it’s all counted towards your learning and gained experience. All that invested time is not lost, it’s been transferred into new knowledge and new skills.

So when you finish crying and feeling sorry for yourself, get up and kick some ass!

Dreams are like inaccessible comets that we can’t reach even with the highest ladder. This is why we have to learn to perceive them differently. There is an example, an old Czech saying:

“There is a tree full of apples and right at the top we can find the biggest, sweetest ones. We might get lucky and some of the sweetest ones will fall into our lap, but to reach for the others we might have to work really hard to push our way through the thick branches and climb all the way up.”


PROJECT ME TIME: How To Fulfil Your Dreams

Well, and some of them are not even meant to be for us and before we even get to them they’ll rot.

So what am I trying to say to you? Our dreams and desires are just like those sweet apples, hard to get but so worth the hassle. So next time you dream, either big or small, don’t let those obstacles get in your way. And if they do? Overstep them with a sass of wittiness, smile and gracefulness.

Do not give up on your dream just because you come across your first hurdle. When you want something soo much, you have to believe you can do it and once you open the door new opportunities and hard work, you will be the sole owner of your life and the possibilities it offers.

I find my inspiration in kick ass books like #GirlBoss or Lean In. They’re the right kind if you need a pick up!

Maybe there is one of you reading this post and internally struggling with the feeling that this is not your concern. Don’t be fooled!!! Everyone is here for a purpose and has the “power” to achieve their dream. After you realise that, then it’s just about finding the strength within yourselves.

PROJECT ME TIME: How To Fulfil Your Dreams

Maybe all you need is a bit of free time to gather your thoughts and organise every one of them into the correct draw. I know I do that. Be truthful to yourselves, make sure you know what you want and even draft your own strengths and weaknesses. It might sound silly but at least you’ll know what is ahead of you.

Sometimes it’s very good to relax before getting into heavy thinking. I know life can get stressful but considering following your dream, making a decision like that shouldn’t be done when your head is a mess. I’ve learnt the hard way! If you want tips on how to learn to relax every day, do feel free to read my post. It really did help me to learn to kick back! I would like to believe we can find our own little adventures during the day that would lift our spirits and enjoy our lives.

I’ve found my corner at home where I know nothing is going to disturb me, no TV to mess me around, no husband wanting my attention (sorry darling!). I also can’t get enough of pretty flowers and freshly grounded coffee, please read (perhaps a little dreamy) post on how to handle those busy mornings.

This is MY ME TIME where I get to charge my own internal battery for maximum performance. When you can do, it I can do it too.

So, are you ready to walk on water with me?! 


Yours truly,

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