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As you guys know by now, I’m a very much first time home owner, loud and proud. I see my home as an inspirational place, a place where I go back to at the end of every day to slow down, lighten up and gather my ‘mind’ after hectic day at work. My home is a very important place to me and as such, it needs to speak to me.

My husband and I have been working really hard to recreate that perfect sanctuary ever since we bought our home and as you can imagine it’s a very long and sometimes even stressful process. Luckily, we’re being very smart about it and even created a ‘To Do List’ of all high, medium and low priority DIYs. As you can imagine every penny is needed and every sale is greeted like a long lost friend.

We’re now in the process of finishing our living room and dining room and let me confess – it’s been the most wonderful and exciting time since our wedding day (or the proposal). The walls in both rooms are painted and furniture is sort of in place. There are bits and pieces we would like to build ourselves as well and not to brag we’ve already build an exposed brick wall in our dining room. Now, my husband is planning to build a dining table and I couldn’t be more excited. We have a big family, there is 11 of us all together, so big statement dining table is needed for all those birthdays and get togethers.

I like planning but not so much drawing and measuring so if you excuse me, I’ll leave that part up to him. Instead, I’ve been browsing, more like online-window-shopping, and putting together my wish list. Oh yes indeed, step aside make up beauty wish lists, I’m now officially an adult!

It’s coming together nicely (please read growing massively) so why don’t you have a browse with me and perhaps help me to decide?

There is a shop I’ve discovered recently,, and admire it for their vast range of offering. But they stole my heart particularly with their light selection. I adore the quirky designs of the brands they sell and when you get lucky to shop in sale, definitely very friendly prices. There is also another very simple reason I’m mentioning these guys right now – they do sell Tom Dixon for a very reasonable price (well, when on sale 😉 )

Tom Dixon Wish List

I’m a massive fan of the perfect blend of light and dark  hues and I always go for contrast in my home. I’m also attracted to pendants with vibrant and warm colours. I’m loving Tom Dixon’s thrilling range of cutting-edge pendant light designs and I tend to long for finely sculpted metal work. The shinier the better I presume? His pendants really do create an extraordinary yet beautiful focal point don’t you think?

I want to create a very warm yet sophisticated dining room and I think that’s why I’m so attracted to his designs. What do you think?



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