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I’m sure I was born in the wrong era… If there is such thing as a previous life (I’m not really in to that) I think I would belong in time when fashion oozed that feminine, but classy vibe … which is still alive today lovelies, but you know what mean 😁 I’m talking those long dresses with those little intricate touches that just make you feel so famine and strong when you wear them. There are so many different looks that fit into this bracket for me, diffrent styles and different themes. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about check out my Vintage Vibes Outfit Post where I talk about my latest vintage buys and while you’re at it, check out this Vintage Fashion show from Leeds, it was such an inspiring day!

As you can tell I’m always on the lookout for new pieces in vintage shops to add to my collection… I once found the perfect shop in Camden Market in London, but I searched all over the web to find them, but with no luck… I can’t believe I didn’t take a note of the name!  It seems like an ongoing mission searching every vintage shop or second hand shop to find that perfect piece (it drives my VERY understanding husband crazy!). Don’t get me wrong I love searching the hangers with that anticipation of finding that the perfect vintage dress, but it can be so frustrating when they don’t fit, or they’re damaged.

Vintage by Rokit

That said I did find a great vintage clothes website called Rokit … for once I can search vintage clothes at my leisure and save the sanity of my husband so he doesn’t have to deal with the aftermath of my ‘disappointed strops’ (wink wink). Their entire collection is so well thought through and one of kind… I keep showing my husband pictures of their dresses to try and sublimely get him to buy me some more… ha! If you like vintage clothes you should give Rokit a look.

Vintage by Rokit 2


I’m also hoping the first glimpses of spring will arrive soon and I’ll be able to get my beautiful vintages wardrobe out from hibernation … I KNOW it’s only January, but a girl can dream can’t she…  I just miss those days when I get so excited just by the idea of getting dressed for work and being able to wear empowering vintage items all the time… especially my vintage dresses (that I promise I’ll blog soon about – well as soon as suns comes out) and all those little accessories…

What kind of styles are you looking forward to putting back on? Are you as obsessed with vintage items as much as me?


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  1. January 28, 2017 / 2:38 pm

    I love feminine styles as well 🙂 Gotta keep it classy! You can't beat a good vintage buy but I'm rubbish at spotting potential in stuff on hangers!!

    Emma xx // A Little Freckle

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