Event: Boohoo Swimwear and an Exclusive Spa Evening

Oh summer, wherefore art thou?…Oh summer, where are you?

I wish you were here already, letting us enjoy cold drinks whilst sitting in a beer garden or letting us enjoy a beach holiday somewhere exotic. Whilst the winter is nearly over, the prospect of summer still seems to be far far away.

To receive an invitation in the middle of winter (please read January) to attend February’s Boohoo swimwear and spa event was both, exceptionally exciting and positively frightening. It’s been only a few weeks since Christmas ended. Ahhh Christmas – a period of the year when we get to indulge on absolutely anything that we can get our hands on.

The idea of wearing swimwear just after Christmas isn’t very pleasing to most of us. Unless you’re a health freak nailing the gym 5x a week, you’re most likely to get body conscious.

However, to then hear I get to be pampered, swim in a pool and enjoy a whirlpool while wearing the latest swimwear collection from Boohoo, I immediately forgot all about my body issues. I needed this!

Event: Boohoo Swimwear and an Exclusive Spa Evening

It doesn’t really matter what size we are, I think most of us have some confidence issues or there is that one part of our body that we ‘hate’. To then strip to a swimwear and bare our imperfections is quite scary. I’m fairly confident person and yet I get frighten by the things others won’t even notice.

And that’s the problem, don’t you think? We believe in our own imperfections and we’re convinced everyone around us sees them too. The sad thing is, most of the time, no one is even aware of any of them.

If you’re insecure about certain aspect of your body, it shouldn’t stop you enjoying life. Eating healthy and exercise is definitely the right step towards feeling good about yourself, let alone all those health benefits that come with being healthy!

Fortunately, we’re now equipped to put an end to the fear and frustration that comes with the whole’ buying a swimwear’ shenanigans. There is so many different styles and shapes that can help us to highlight our assets and hide all those little imperfections. Just search for the right swimwear guide and narrow  it down to the picks that are made to fit and flatter your frame!

With the right shape of swimwear AND attitude, you can be a queen of any pool or beach!

We arrived to the Village Hotel Club in Headingly and were welcomed by the lovely representatives of Boohoo and the hotel. I do love this short period of time when you’re waiting for everyone to arrive. This is a perfect opportunity to have a chit chat and learn more about one another and also a perfect time to find out more about the project.

After a short introduction we all exited into the changing rooms and off we went to the swimming pool. The Village Hotel Club swimming pool is very decent and even has three whirlpools.

I think we all need a bit of ME Time every now and then, as life can be very stressful. It was so lovely just to chat with my blogging friends while resting our tired bodies in a hot tub. It was also lovely to sip on Prosecco and discuss all things beauty.

We got to talk to beauticians from the Village Hotel Club about ESPA products, our daily facial routine, beauty care and we were advised on products we should use. They’ve also analysed our skin and matched us with the correct products. And let me tell you one thing – if you’re ever having your skin analysed under a blue light, be prepared, the picture is frightening – you basically see every imperfection you can.

Event: Boohoo Swimwear and an Exclusive Spa Evening


I want to say a massive thank you to the Boohoo ladies for being extremely patient when being bossed around by 4 bloggers and taking pictures for every single one of us. To explain, there were 4 bloggers = meaning 4 cameras!!


This event was part of the Boohoo ‘Treat Yourself’ Spa Tour

Swimwear by Boohoo | Skincare Workshop by Village Spa | Pool by Village Gym | Food by Village Hotel

For an exclusive 10% discount off treatments or food and drink at Village use voucher BOOHOO10 – For 20% off Everything at Boohoo use voucher BOOHOOXVILLAGESPA20

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