Outfit Post: Rock ‘n’ roll baby!

In the world nowadays, a black leather jacket is a classic statement that many of us own and is an inseparable part of our wardrobe. No matter what age, this rock and roll baby always finds its way to our hearts. You don’t have to be an edgy girl that owns every single rock and roll album out there – neither do leather jackets represent the biker community only. They’ve become an immense part of our lives.

I still remember the day when I got my hands on my first leather jacket. I was still a little wee teenager and my first leather jacket made me feel like a grown up. A few years later, my leather jacket selection has become quite extensive. I’ve also, quite symbolically, become a part of motorbike ‘gang’ (please read a group of friends riding bikes) and to my selection of leather jackets I’d added a proper motorbike protective leather jacket.

Leather jackets, to me, were more than a fashion statement, they were the style of life I’d chosen since I was 15. My university life was no different. Underground clubs, rock and punk music and nights out finishing sometime around 8am at amusement bars (drinking, not playing though – these were the only bars opet at that hour).  I was young and wild and enjoyed my life to the brim.

Now, few years later, my music selection has broadened and my fashion style has evolved (dramatically) – it’s a different yet the same ME. A striking, yet necessary change.

Outfit Post Red leather jacket and ripped jeans style

Nevertheless, leather jackets will always be part of me and every time I put one on, I can feel that infamous nostalgia stab. I believe that’s why I was so smitten with this edgy outfit.

As I’ve mentioned, a black leather jacket established its place in our wardrobes a long time ago. However, a red leather jacket is something not many of us dare to pull off. I’ve always been a fan of daring looks and statement pieces and I feel good in extravagant fashion pieces.

Sitting in a corner just doesn’t cut it for me.

The whole vibe of this outfit is edgy and very much rock ’n’ roll. I don’t think you need serious swagger to pull it off, the outfit itself lends you the confidence. Brightly coloured jackets are a perfect addition when you want to spice up a plain outfit and for me work best with dark jeans or trousers. However, this time I went all out.


This outfit is a complete transformation for me. Those of you who come to visit my blog more often know that my style is more sophisticated and elegant. Hence this dizzy little number is a complete change of style, but I’ve enjoyed the overall transition thoroughly.

I’m so in love with this red faux leather jacket from Mango, it’s a perfect addition to my outfits for night outs or everyday wearing. I’m all about versatile and this jacket is the right kind of convertible and could be incorporated with different styles – be it ripped jeans, leather pants or a dress.

I’ve also been obsessed with the ripped jeans style. You can find my latest styles here – pairing with white shirt and here – styling H&M ripped jeans street style. This pair of ripped jeans is from River Island and add the right touch of edginess to my ‘rock and roll’ outfit. I completed the look by adding black and white print clutch and weather appropriate black heels.

This ‘rock and roll outfit’ (as I call it) is a perfect transition from winter to spring, keeping it light and brisk yet warm enough. I specifically went for this Zara top when putting my outfit together for one reason only. The red pattern on the top links those two pieces together creating a flowing outfit.

I actually wore this outfit when I went out for a few drinks last weekend and I can confirm it’s a total head turner. So if you prefer to stay hidden and invisible in a corner, this edgy outfit is not for you; or tone it down with either a plain jacket or a classic pair of jeans.

My last piece of advice: Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style. If it works, then great, if it doesn’t work then at least you’ll know next time.

Evolve , don’t get stuck in a rut.


Yours truly,





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