The Body Shop – A Mother’s Day Treat

I’m sure you all know I’m a big fan of The Body Shop, just purely based on the amount of posts I’ve done on them in the past and I’ve attended quite a few of their events. You can read about the launch of The British Rose collection launch here or the Christmas Collection launch here and I have most of my beauty products from them.

This company is one of my favourite not only due to the quality of their products, the spa feeling I get when I use them but mainly because of the fact they don’t test on animals. I’m sure I’m not the only person that cringes when seeing pictures of tortured animals and this is why I’ve become more aware of products I buy and companies that I buy from.

Probably the best product I’ve ever bought from The Body Shop is from their Tea Tree collection and it’s the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner as it look after my problematic skin very well.

I’m also completely and utterly in love with two of their cleaning mask, the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay and the Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask – I have fairly greasy skin and I struggled to find the best products in the past. They do work the charm and I saw results after 2-3 weeks, hence I keep buying them over and over again.

As I’ve mentioned above, I prefer The Body Shop products for its spa experience feeling and if there is a collection that I would love to bring to your attention, then it would have to be Spa of The World collection. Especially their Polynesian Monoï Radiance Oil (please read the review here) and the Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath powder (please read my review here) have won my heart over and over again.

Last week I attended yet another amazing event organised by The Body Shop to celebrate Mother’s day. Every event they organised follows a certain theme making it all even more interesting. They also tend to have speakers or specialist so you’re always due to learn new and interesting stuff.

This time, it was all about scents and the bond that is created in between a mother and a newborn baby. We were talked to by a perfume specialist who very nicely explained this link between a baby and a mum is partly due to the specific smell. Did you know that a newborn baby can apparently smell his/her mother scent and it’s all backed up by research! It constantly baffles me how mazing nature is.

The Body Shop has quite extensive selection of eu de perfumes and fragrance consisting of a cruelty free white musk – a scent mix of Rose, Jasmine, Amber and Wood.

I particularly like using perfumes and I also like the whole nostalgia that surrounds individual scents. Do you also have a favourite scent that reminds you of a specific event in your life or a particular person? I have this perfume I use only occasionally but every time I use it reminds me of my mum. We live in different countries and perhaps that’s why I always feel close to her when I spray it.

What products do you go for when shopping at The Body Shop and how you going to treat your mum this Mother’s day? Let me know in comments!


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