Trend Spotter: How to Style an Authentic Trench Coat

I love spring! It’s such a refreshing period, after cold wet winter. I love waking up in the morning, the feeling of a fresh warm breeze right after I open a window, new promises, fresh starts.  Everything is in bloom, bright and beautiful. Whilst I adore spring just about anywhere, I would choose to greet it somewhere in a garden full of blooms. I love flowers  with their colours showing us every day how beautiful life can be if we open our eyes and notice those simple things. That’s why you’ll always find me outside during this warm season, discovering new wonders of this world.

For adventures just like this one I need something warm to keep me cosy, whilst the sun is out, the breeze is still nippy. The answer is simple, trench coats. The fact why I adore a trench coat is very basic. They’re the prefect transitional piece from winter to spring. You know, those early morning when the sun is already peeking through clouds but you can still come across a little bit of frost on the ground. And don’t let me forget to mention those drops of rain, always appearing when you least expect it. Whilst wearing a trench coat, you’re kind of weather-proofing your look!

The only thing that very barely resembles a trench coat is my vintage jacket (that I’ve styled here) but my heart longs after a proper trench coat that I can flaunt around every spring. Though I hope to invest in a good sleek trench coat this year.

I would like to believe that a classic trench coat should be a permanent resident of our wardrobe. It’s the ideal staple to hotfoot it around the city when the spring rain is pouring down on us as well as when the seasonal wind is threating to overturn us with its strength. In the times like this, a trench coat will become our best friend that we’ll treasure and look after.

how to style a trench coat

My dream is to invest in a good authentic trench coat in a classic beige or khaki shade – just like this trench coat (also featured in the picture above)I discovered at Jack Wills that you can also see above. That is must for me and I’m hoping this dream of mine will come true this season. I’m already on the lookout. There are so many styles to choose from but I’m after a short to medium length with big round buttons. I’m a classical/… girl at heart. I also adore the fact that the sleek tailored fit trench coats go so well with business style wardrobe, something I’ve been working extremely hard this year.

My top 3 favourite tips on how to style an authentic trench coat

The best thing about trench coats is that they go with close to anything (pehaps not as much with maxi skirts and dresses though, just saying. If you’re interested about my top tips on how to style a trench coat, just have a read.

  • Scarves

Scarves tied round the neck may create the perfect look for sprong worth for sauntering among blooming flowers or city streets.

  • Colour Blocking

I love colour blocking. Trench coats are perfect accessory that helps you to achieve that. My favourite style is to match beige coats with jeans – dark blue or black, pencil skirts or skin tight dresses. This match will bring about a street-style-worth outfit.

  • Layering

The best advice I can give you is to leave it open (unless it’s freezing cold) to show off a stylish staple layered underneath – my personal favourite is a striped button-down shirt and a thin cardi on a top.

If there is a wardrobe piece that goes well with just about anything, it must be a trench coat and that’s a fact. So, what is the best advice on how to style a trench coat according to you?


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