M&S Fashion Show ‘Twiggy Retrospective’

I’m a massive Marks & Spencer fan and have been for a very long time. From their womenswear, to accessories to their home deco products, M&S is my favourite high street store. And let’s not forget their food section. Every time I feel like I want to spoilt my body with a goodness, I go to M&S.

I’ve recently been invited to M&S fashion show ‘ Twiggy Retrospective’ and I couldn’t have been more excited. You see, M&S have launched a new retrospective collection in cooperation with no one else but the 60’s and 70’s fashion icon herself – Twiggy #TwiggyForSparks. The Twiggy Collection went live on 18th April and to celebrate the launch of this retro-inspired collection, M&S invited me and few of my fellow West Yorkshire bloggers to their archive in Leeds, where they were hosting an exclusive event for press as well as their most loyal customers from the famous ‘Sparks loyalty scheme’.

“Sparks are all about creating money can’t buy experiences and the Twiggy Fashion Show is exactly that.”

On the day, I met with Queen Beady, Forever Miss Vanity, A Style Creative & Old Fashion Susie had lovely chat over a glass (or two…shhhh) of prosecco. Safe to say we were buzzing with excitement as we got to meet the one and only, Twiggy herself.

The show kicked off with a catwalk show to showcase not only Twiggy’s collection but also M&S Archive Dressed in Time (please red my post from wehn I visited M&S Archive the first time) walking us through different times of M&S history, from the early 1930s right through to the present day. The show followed by a Q&A session with Twiggy and I was pleasantly surprised how lovely and down to earth person she was.

After that, we had an access to a VIP section where we got to meet Twiggy, had the chance to have more personal chat with her and to take some pictures. The pleasant afternoon then ended with a lovely afternoon tea.

Twiggy’s collection contain some truly authentic 70’s throwback theme and if you’ve the collection yet then you’ve surely noticed, there is a lot of pink throughout. Not only this is Twiggy’s favourite colour but it’s also in support of cancer research.

I like M&S clothing for their business clothing line. I’ve decided to restructure my wardrobe recently and invest in more professional looking work wear attire. As a result I’ve been transitioning my wardrobe for the last 3 months. It’s a long process as most of my hard earn monies go towards bills and redecorating our new home but Marks & Spencer provides me with stylish and good quality business ensemble that lasts. You can check out my recent post where I styled their workwear blouse or visit my vintage M&S coat that I’ve discovered in one of the local charity shops.

Personal style is important and I’d seen it firsthand how style and inventive wardrobe can be a powerful tool for improving my self-image and it’s been my mission-possible (see what I did there?) for some time now. I know there are million different ways to build your image, and I’ve been spending some time now exploring new prospects, but I always consider personal style as a means to transform my self-image.

When you put effort into your appearance, you are more likely to feel confident, eat healthy food, exercise and in a long term, just be happy.

You see, when you put an effort into your appearance you don’t stagger, you move.

Everyone can use personal style as a tool for cultivating self-care and reflect self-respect.

So without further ado, I wanted to share with you highlights of the day! Enjoy…!


Yours truly,


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