Q61Nail And Beauty Salon Review In Leeds

Q61 is a Nail and Beauty Salon at the heart of Leeds (just off the Headrow!). It’s a family business that employs passionate and highly qualified beauticians that know their trade well.

I think you’ll agree with me that finding the right beauty salon can be a bit pain in the bottom. To book an appointment is not done by simply picking up a phone and dialling the number is it. It requires a lot of research ahead of this action as beauty is worn on the inside and there are no excuses if done wrong.

A I’ve mentioned, Q61 Nail and Beauty Salon is a family business owned by husband and wife Michael and Helena. Prior to their honeymoon, Helena had a bad experience getting her nails done and decided that she herslef will one day open a beauty salon. afe to say, she did’nt waste time and during their honeymoon they wrote a business plan on a hotel notepad. Believe it or not, Q61 opened few months later (in November 2015).

Being a blogger as well as having a full time job is rather exhausting. There is a lot going on in the background that a non-blogger would have no idea about; there is your weekly picture taking (easily spoilt by weather), content writing, editing proofing as well as social media management to name the most obvious.

Q61 Beauty Event and Salon Review Leeds

However being a blogger has its perks as well. One of the biggest advantages is that we get invited to bloggers events of all sorts to review and trial many beauty salons around the area. Not onlywe get spoilt and treated to a nice services on that day but then also, in case of an emergency appointment, we know where to go and what places offer the best services in around your area. That’s why I would like to share with you my review of Q61 so I can help you decide.

Q61 in Leeds is one of the places I would definitely recommend to my best friend if she was on the lookout for a new beautician in Leeds or if she needed an emergency beauty appointment.

Q61 Beauty Event and Salon Review Leeds


Q61 claims that they’re:

“…dedicated to perfecting our treatments. It’s why we hire and continually train the best therapists and focus on the finest details of your service every time.”

I can only second that. I was very pleased with Q61 beauty salon service. Their staff was very friendly, qualified and knowledgeable. So if you’re looking for a gel manicure in Leeds or thinking of having Classic individual lashes done, read my experience below:

Q61 Beauty Event and Salon Review Leeds

Q61 Beauty Treatments Review


For someone who’s got short nails that breaks easily, I barely have my nails done. My nails are not the prettiest ones and I feel that by putting a nail polish on, I’ll only highlight their imperfections. However the lady looking after my nails that afternoon filed and polished my nails the way that the final appearance actually looked very pretty.

I’m now a proud owner of pretty nails, happy to flaunt them in all my blogging pictures. Happy Me!


Applying Classic Individual lashes is a striking way to enhance what you already have and as long as the correct aftercare is followed will normally last around 3-6 weeks.

The eyelash set I had was a bit too long for me and I’ve had it removed since, however if you’re interested to see what other bloggers thought of this service, please see Life Styled by Jennie,

However the application process was very painless and fairly quick too, only about 30 minutes and results are spectacular.

I really liked how other girls’ eyelashes looked like, all very natural, nothing over the top, enhancing their eyes in a natural & stunning way. I’ll definitely have my done again in future, I’ll just have to make sure they’re not too long for me.

Q61 Beauty Event and Salon Review Leeds

Overall satisfaction

Q61 is one of those beauty salons that make you feel relaxed, comfortable and what is more, confident in their services. Educated and qualified staff, friendliness and nice calm surroundings is all I’m looking for when searching for a beauty salon. The service was of a high standard and even now, over a week later, I still have no chips in my gel manicure.

Have you even visited Q61? What were your thoughts?


Q61 Beauty Event and Salon Review Leeds

Q61 Beauty Event and Salon Review Leeds

Yours truly,


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