Renting and Moving: The Ups And Downs Of Life

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be a little bit of a rant so I apologise before we even get into it. I just wanted to say I’m so fed up with moving house, settling in only to move away few years down the line. I don’t think I can even count how many times I’ve had to move a house since I’ve arrived in the UK. It’s truly tiring.

And the worst thing is that I’m sure you ALL know (based on your experience) what exactly I’m talking about. How many of you have thought when will this ever finish and when you will finally settle?

We’ve finally bought our own house, after years of renting and searching for the right place we can call our home. It’s been a rollercoaster, I’m not going to lie, I’ve had ups and downs all the way but all counts towards my life experience. It’s made me tougher, stronger and now I know exactly what I want. That’s why I’ll always strongly advice the importance of doing your own research and never be scared to ask for an advice.

My top advices when buying a house

Solicitors we used: Slater And Gordon

Before you sign up with solicitors, always always read reviews about your local branch or even better, ask your friends for recommendations. This is probably the most important (and expensive) thing you spend your money on, make it as smooth process as it can be.

The best apps/website to search for your home: Right Move or Zoopla

I always checked both of these sites as whilst most of the houses are on both sites, some houses can be found only one one of them.

My experience: In fact, our house was only on one of those sites.

Surveys when buying a house

Don’t risk it for a biscuit and pay the extra for the building survey.

My experience: We nearly bought a house without having it done but fortunately we did invest and saved ourselves loads of money on repairs – if we went through with the purchase as it turned out there were structural issues with the house! Don’t underestimate the importance of this survey.

We even talked to our-potential-neighbours few times (if we saw them in the garden) to make sure we liked them…or they like us for that matter!

My experience: We actually talked to a really nice (so we thought) elderly couple who were meant to be our neighbours once. They seemed very lovely until the moment they started to be quite (a lot) racist – at that point I stayed quiet (you know, with me not being a British and all that), and left right after. Safe to say we never bought the house.

Sometimes it seems to me that I’ve done it all, I was an au-pair and lived with the family, I lived with friends, I rented with total strangers and lived in a household with my now-husband and his friends. I have had the most amazing times and fortunately only a few out-of-ordinary experiences. We even had to call a police once  because of a domestic violence!  Experience I hope I (or any other woman for that matter) will never have to go through EVER again.

One of the funniest experiences though was living with my then-boyfriend-now-husband (please do read about our wedding day) and his friends. We lived in a huge house in the outskirts of Leeds. When I mention a huge house, I really mean a huge house. Me and the hubby had the third floor for ourselves and enjoyed the privilege of having 3 rooms and a bathroom for just ourselves. Well back to my story now…

One morning I left the house to walk to the bus stop when I got that strange feeling someone was watching me. I stopped to look around and to my amazement (and horror), there were 3 horses in our garden! Beautiful magnificent but wild horses.

I mean how many of you have ever woken up with horses in your garden? Long story short, we did call a non emergency police but sadly horses were still there when we returned from work. We had no gate so I’m thankful they never run onto the main road! We called our landlord at night, given the horses were still there, and thankfully he was a man one can count on, made a few calls around and shortly after we had travellers in our garden with a proper LASO trying to catch these wild beauties. It was a wild wild west for a moment in our garden!

The same happened three more times whilst we lived in the house!

You might think this is enough fun for one house but you couldn’t have been more wrong. The longer we lived in that house, the more stories about its past came out, from random strangers, taxi drivers or even delivery guys.

You see, the house we lived in served few purposes in its past. Purposes that I’m sure the house is not proud of. I’m not really sure in what particular order but the house used to serve as a brothel! but also as a home to some kind of a drug lord. Fortunately since then it’s been completely redone and it made a lovely home, though I did struggle to sleep some nights and I never stayed in that house by myself in all 4 years we lived there.

I can keep going on and on about how important it is to do a research before you buy your own home (it took us two years!). It’s a place that not only have to suit your style and personality but you also have to feel comfortable living in.

If you’re in the process of searching for a new home, don’t forget to do your research and GOOD LUCK!

What is the most craziest story that’s even happened to you?


Yours truly,



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