Outfit Post: Styling M&S Twiggy Jumpsuit

Bank holiday weekend calls for a bit of fun, don’t you think? Especially if that Bank holiday turns out to be a sunny day, perhaps a bit windy but I cherish all those happy moments in those early spring days when I get to enjoy first sun rays after long gloomy winter. In those moments I feel alive!

After rainy Easter holiday, I welcomed the Sun with open arms. I put on my newest wardrobe addition, my M&S jumpsuit from their newly released Twiggy collection, stepped outside and let the adventure begin.

Since we bought our house, our lives have changed. Especially around weekends as we juggle DIY and home improvements with our personal and social life. Sometimes I’m at my own wits but then I look around, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve worked hard for and realise it’ll be all worth it. Soon enough!

As a part of ‘keeping up with’ with our social life, we went out for a few drinks on Bank holiday Monday. Oh how predictable, I know. As we dedicated the whole weekend painting our dining room, we wanted to indulge a bit. Our bodies were shattered but our minds were buzzing with excitement. We just had to get out!

Luckily weather was kind to us and treating us to an afternoon full of sunshine shenanigans. Time for an afternoon white wine spritzer me thinks! And there is no better place than to sit somewhere in a beer garden after two days of hard work.

I felt spring all around me with flowers blooming and birds singing. I made sure I enjoyed every minute of the little beer garden, a surreal spot of nature right in the heart of a West Yorkshire town. Life is actually pretty fantastic, you just have to give it a chance.

As I mentioned, I was wearing a jumpsuit from a new M&S collection by Twiggy. I picked this little number mainly due to its summer feel. Those bright flowers contrasting with the dark background draw my eyes to it as soon as I saw it at the M&S fashion show ‘Twiggy Retrospective’ that I went to recently.

M&S has recently teamed up with Twiggy and came out with this incredible collection made for all women. During the Twiggy Retrospective event we actually got to talk to Twiggy and I was pleasantly surprised how nice and down to earth person she was.

I’m a big fan of Twiggy, she’s the first super model afterall, and I also don’t miss a chance to wander to M&S every now and then. I’m drawn to their perfect cuts, high quality and elegant fashion. Especially their business workwear has improved and is accessible to the younger generation more than ever.

I have fallen for their office style blouses and office shirts, have a look yourself at how I’ve styled their blue stripe office shirt with a gorgeous frill detail. I’m no stranger to charity shops either and when I’ve discovered this vintage M&S jacket, I just had to have it.

Taking pictures is always an adventure on its own. Not only I dress up purely for the occasion of capturing the perfect shot but also I get to embarrass myself and my husband posing like a baboon.

We go to Leeds really early in a morning to make sure the city is empty and no one can disturb us while we take pictures. Also, the background behind me looks a lot better when it’s quiet and I’m pretty sure hose strangers I get to meet wouldn’t want to be in my shots either 😉 Well, this particular morning we set off 30 minutes later than we’d planned and we stopped at Greggs for their breakfast on the way too. Recipe for a disaster. Well, perhaps I’m overacting a little bit. It wasn’t that bad, the city had only started waking up, shops were still closed and only every now and then we met with an early bird hurrying up for their early shift through empty streets of Leeds.

I like Leeds at this time, it’s quiet and peaceful….and no one we know around! Taking pictures for the blog is always a bit embarrassing, even in front of total strangers. So you can imagine the horror on my face when I got to the office the next day and my colleague was laughing at me that he saw me in town! Talk about awkward!

What is the most embarrassing story that has ever happened to you when taking pictures for the blog?


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