Restaurant Review: Jamie’s Italian in Leeds

Some time ago me and my husband had a lunch time date. Yes, a proper lunch time date. I met him at the Leeds Kirgate market, I walked from work, he drove there. It was absolutely lovely. I got myself a few cacti plants for my growing collection and we had a quick lunch at the new rebuild part filled with stalls providing all sorts of international cuisine. It was so lovely that we decided to make it a regular thing, trying out diffferent restaurants each time.

In my previous post I talk about the utmost importance of working on a relationship and the magical power a date can mean to us all. We’ve been together what seems an eternity to us and we hope to spend our forever together. It would be foolish to think this would happen automatically so it’s quite important to invest time into our relationship.

We had another lunch date just the other day and as it was Friday, we also decided to take a half day off, just so we could spend more precious time together and extent our weekend. I’ve done my research only to find out that Jamie’s Italian restarant in Leeds has launched a new super lunch menu that sounded both, delicious and reasonably priced.

Jamie’s Italian is always on my to-go list, especially when I feel like I want to treat myself. I even took my parents to the Jamie’s in Leeds for my graduation. I’ve been a massive Jamie Oliver fan since I remember and to be fair, my whole family is. Me and my mum used to watch his cooking program on Saturday’s mornings while we did all the prep for our lunch. Just being there brings back memories.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a restaurant review post so I thought I should treat you all to one and perhaps inspire you to make your lunch break a little bit more exciting, whether that is meeting your friends or partner or whether you fancy a luch out of office with your colleagues.

Jamie’s Italian: Leeds Super Lunch Menu


I believe service is as important as food. From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed. As it happens, Jamie’s staff is always very friendly and speedy. Patience is not my virtue so I do appreciate an attentive waiter and it’s good to know you’ll be treated the same every time you walk in as the service is always perfect at Jamie’s, very attentive with the right amount of helpfulness but not being in your face all the time.


I went all out of town and order myself two delicious cocktails. It was Friday afterall and I had nothing but a weekend of relax ahead of me. Hubby was driving so he had a coke and me to deal with. I’ve actually ordered two coctails and both tasted lovely and both were reasonably priced.


I’m a big sucker for asparagus and if it’s on a menu, I just have to have it. The key for me is to have it well prepared, not overcooked and it needs to be mixed with some great flavours. I got really lucky this time and it was combined with truffle sauce, yet another food item I must to have when out and about.

Husband’s salad looked amazing and tasted great too, so I’m sure I’ll get that next time.

Main Meal:

The Jamie’s Italian menu is driven by healthy and good eating, all about bringing friends and family together to enjoy life, such as they do in Italy. You’ll find rustic, simple dishes galore here. The menu is authentic enough, with spaghetti, carbonaras and steaks to name but a few.

I’ve ordered spagetti even though this is not my typical meal of choice. However I know that if I go to Jamie’s the balance between the amount of spagetti and sauce will be just right…and I wasn’t let down. Far too often I find myself eating just spagetti with just a tad of whatever sauce that I’d stopped ordering it at restaurants. Glad to know Jamie’s is the place for quality.


Despite portions being reasonably small, I found myself fairly stuffed and I think so did my man. We both opted for icecream and

The place is always full of vibe and buzzing with life. People go to Jamie’s Italian to celebrate and enjoy life. Staff is always quietly buzzy-ing around. The atmosphere inside Jamie’s is always really vibrant, almost electric. Evn during the lunch time, the place was absolutely heaving with people who appreciate good food and friendly atmostphere.

Jamie’s Italian restaurant is a welcome addition to the Leeds city’s food scene. I love the culture he’s built over the years and I love to go back, whether that’s to celebrate life, food or friendship.

What’s your favourite thing about Jamie’s Italian? Is it the food, the culture or tha fact that it’s owned by Jamie?



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