Blogging Tips: How To Blog On Holiday

Blogging on holiday does require some kind of dedication, despite the fact that most of us treat it as a hobby to start with.

I’m by no means a travel blogger though I would venture out every weekend if I could. I do love documenting every step I take and it’s a surprise to me that my camera is not overworked by the time I finish. I’m by no means a big blogger so I have to stick to my day to day job and travel only when my day to day responsibilities let me.

I also have a pretty busy life, I guess we all do, and that means I don’t have as much time to devote to my passion – blogging. So actually taking some time off work and do blogging instead sounds wonderful to me. I know most bloggers do take time off and schedule posts ahead of their holiday, however with my work load and the fact we’re re-doing our home, scheduling posts ahead is impossible.

Hence I was over the moon when my husband agreed I could take my laptop with me and to be fair he packed 150 books with him so I guess we won’t talk to each other the whole time 😉

Only joking, we actually set ourselves boundaries and planned the whole trip ahead to make sure we get to spend some quality time together and explore Croatia.

I can’t explain it but I was actually so looking forward to blogging on my holiday. I love this creative side of me, I wouldn’t leave the apartment without my notepad and I was scribbling away every time an idea passed through my busy mind. Whether that was whilst sunbathing on the beach, walking to town or just sipping a wine on our balcony, I would always make sure all ideas were noted down in my notes.

If you’re like me, and planning to blog on your holiday, I’ve put together few easy tips on how to handle blogging on holiday and make sure you also get enough time to relax and explore.

Top tips on how to stick to blogging on holiday and make sure it doesn’t impact your social life.

Set boundaries

As with anything else, all requires  balance. If you dedicate time to blogging on your holiday, make sure you also set the time.

My Tip:

I was woken up by church bells every morning at 6am. I couldn’t fall asleep afterwards so sometimes I blogged, wrote a new post or edited pictures from the previous day.

Nap time is also a great opportunity to squeeze in some blogging time whilst on holiday. Even if you dedicate 30 minutes to blogging every lunch time to schedule posts or respond to tweets.


Take loads of pictures

Creating content doesn’t stop just because you’re on holiday so get that camera out and make sure you have plenty of material for when you come back from holiday. You can create posts dedicated to the location, like ‘Top 10 things to do in Croatia’, ‘Why I love Croatia’ or create a fashion photography series from the destination with plenty of helpful advice on what to wear in that particular season, what is the style etc.


Get the right location

Don’t make it a chore but instead make it a part of your holiday experience. We’ve set apart either early morning or an evening, went to a local bar right next to the sea. My husband read his book and I was typing away my posts.

Honestly, typing my posts on holiday, whilst sat next to the sea and sipping on iced coffee, it was a holiday dream to me.


Find an inspiration

As I’ve mentioned so many times before, I love travelling the world and discovering all its secretes. Let the surroundings inspire you, soak the atmosphere in and let it motivate you to achieve greatness 😉 .


Think of the essentials

It’s all the simple things that can affect your plans. Charge your laptop and phone, go for the bar with wi-fi and make sure you choose a table with shade. There is nothing worse than a screen that you can’t see or worse – an overheated laptop as the sun’s beaming down on it! Think of all the little things as these will make your blogging on holiday experience so much more enjoyable.

I hope you have a fun time on your vacation no matter what. Relax and enjoy the break whether you’ve decided to blog or not. Hopefully you’ll come back re-energized and with plenty of refreshing ideas!

I’d love to hear how you approach the holidays, are you the blogger who schedules posts for holiday, are you the one who creates content while on holiday or are you the one who completely switches off no matter what?


Yours truly,







  1. July 22, 2017 / 4:41 pm

    Great tips! I’m a total nightmare on holiday because all I want to do is share my experiences on my blog the minute they happen. I really need to learn to relax.

  2. Jessica
    July 23, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    LOVE this post. I’m planning on going travelling in 2 years for a couple of months, so will have to blog on the road. This post has been great for confirming it’s possible to blog and enjoy travelling!

    The Crown Wings

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