Body Confidence: Learning To Love Myself

Sometimes the simple reminders are the most impactful.

Body confidence. Isn’t that a one damn hated phrase? No matter what size and height we are, we always tend to find that one thing that we feel ashamed of, we try to hide our imperfection and let them to limit our day to day life joys.

Who’s to blame? Well, it’s us – society – our dysfunctional view on body image is rife and we are bombarded with what we, the society, think what we should look like. The message is clear and there is no way we can escape it. Unless you live behind the rock, or secluded island.

Whether that is a magazine or the online world, we are told what the beauty should look like  but that does not mean that we have to surrender, the battle is not lost. It means we have to learn how to listen to our own voice, how to manage our mind and make better choices for ourselves.

My Personal Story

It’s summer 2017 and we’ve just arrived in Croatia. It’s a first time in years that I truly “hate” my body. I used to be very active person but given my busy lifestyle, something had to give in. Unfortunately it was exercise. My body is pale (thank you British summer) and I’m one size bigger (I only have myself to blame). Normally I wouldn’t mind, though this year is different. I actually feel wobbly.

I was scared to go down to the beach and bare my body in front of everyone. I’m not used to NOT feeling confident and it confused me.

It was you, all women out there, that gave me my confidence back. As soon as I walked to that beach, I saw women different sizes and shapes, proudly

I felt silly and I was ashamed for letting myself feel that way. Self pity is the worst, instead, make the change now!

If you really want to feel confident about your body this summer, you have to listen to your own self. You have to believe and you have to own your own body and mind. I believe that a good body comes from having a good brain. It really is that simple.

Don’t try to be the best version of the magazine cover, instead be the best version of yourself.

I wasn’t happy with myself so I decided to make changes. Right away. No excuses.

Top 5 tips how to achieve body confidence

I have my own ups and downs. Back in my teenage years I was in a relationship that I was never perfect. My “ass” was always too big, no matter how much (or less) I weighted. I looked my best back then and yet, I had barely any confidence. Now, looking back, I feel ashamed of my thoughts and I just wish I could take it back and just be happy.

I’m over 30 years old, I have wrinkles, cellulite and most of the time my belly is bloated, yet I’ve never been happier. Why? It’s all about confidence and finding your own voice.

There are few easy tips and trick on how to convince your mind you’re perfect so here’s my journey how to think your body is beautiful in five easy and smart steps:

Find Time For Pampering

Spend some quality time with yourself and try to do it at least once a week. Have those eyebrows done, get a manicure, do some exercise, whatever tickles your fancy, do it.

I love to have hot baths, soak my tired body in a bath filled with essential oils that will not only smooth my skin but also relieve my stressed mind. This normally follows by exfoliating with nothing but coffee grains. This is a little trick of mine, safe to nature and leaves my skin smoother than any other expensive beauty products. To hydrate and protect my skin, I apply coconut oil and leave it to soak in before I put my jams on.

I can honestly tell you, that nothing recharges my mind like a hot Sunday bath. Not only is my mind ready for the week ahead but my skin feels soft to touch and healthy. An important step towards feeling positive about your body.


Look into a mirror

Say what?! No really, this one actually helps.

Any kind of negative self talk is unkind and quite vulgar: If you wouldn’t talk to your best friend like that why would you do it to yourself?

Stand  in front of that damn mirror, naked if you dare, and find all those gorgeous bits that you love. If you struggle, pretend you’re talking about someone else, lets say your best friend. You wouldn’t dare to talk mean things about your best friends so why do you do that to yourself?

Hopefully you’ll agree with me, it’s not a good idea to speak nasty about yourself or anyone else.


Find clothes that match your body shape

I used to be a big offender her. I’d just buy clothes because they were on the sale! Who cares it was not my colour or shape! Now, I went through my entire wardrobe and managed to get rid of 3/4 of everything I owned. There was a pile for just about anything. Something went to a charity, something was sold online, some bits and pieces found there new owner via car boot sales.

Investing a little time into buying great fitting clothes can help you begin to appreciate your body. Wearing the right clothes that fit, flatter and make you feel amazing is one massive step towards body positivity. Forget all those pieces that were just too tight and uncomfortable  inevitably leaving you feel insecure.

I got my swimwear from UKSwimwear as I wanted to invest into pieces that were good quality and make sure it’ll last the whole time. Sea can be rough sometimes and I wanted both, good looks and quality.


Eat healthy and exercise

Your body is a shrine. Treat it like that. I’m really sorry to tell you this but this should is given. Not only exercising will help to tighten your body, but most importantly exercising will help your mind (and health!!!).

I love a good smoothie on a morning. Whilst I’m quite literally lazy during winter, I feel inspired with the first sign of spring and continue well over the last days of summer. Enjoying blended greens really helps to boost your complexion, hair growth and encourage a flat stomach (if you’re into that sort of thing).

…excuses are not your best friend so don’t be scared, push yourself…

…one small step at a time…


Of course, the way you treat yourself is as important. Confidence and a higher self esteem are essential to live happy life. By learning how to fine tune your mind keeping it fit and healthy, you can live life better and enjoy every moment..

All bodies tell a story, we should all feel proud. Our bodies are our life stories, an open book. We have either overcome an obstacle or we have achieved something extraordinery. Treat your body as you want others to treat it and be proud of it. Don’t get stuck in a rut, if you’re unhappy about something, either change it or learn to love it. Either way, there is no point to be miserable about it.


Yours truly,




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  1. July 23, 2017 / 9:30 pm

    You look beautiful and this post is wonderful. I couldn’t agree more with you saying it’s all to do with the mind. I have to tell myself that all the time and i still go through good days and bad. But i’m the same when i go to the beach, i realize no one is looking at me and judging me so why am i putting that into my head? Everyone is beautiful and every single body is different. I’m 30 next year and have just started realizing that I have to get rid of clothes that don’t make me feel confident. I’m not a bigger shopper but I’ve actually been getting into it more recently as when i find something i really love and that fits me nice and makes me feel happy, it makes me want to revamp my wardrobe and never leave the house in something that makes me feel lazy and frumpy! :p
    You made some lovely points and tips! 🙂
    Lucy xx

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