Outfit Post: Developing My Personal Style

I would give anything to be that carefree stylish girl whose fashion sense and personal style very closely resembles Parisian chic. Unfortunately I haven’t been born with this special talent and I have to carefully select pieces I buy.

To me, personal style is a wild beast that can come haunt me whenever I think I’ve finally managed to tame it.

Oh how I adore those girls with their white trainers carelessly matched with skirts and white crispy shirts. How many hours I’ve spent browsing Pinterest hoping that next time I put on my jeans I’ll be able to re-create that care free elegance. No, it doesn’t come with ease but that doesn’t mean I will give up.

Minimalism is something I adore the most. It’s simplicity, straight cuts and carelessness is something I’ve been very fond of. I love designers but I’m a girl of no spare cash, I shop at sales and I no longer buy whatever I fancy in that moment. Life takes precedents.

There is one thing I believe in though. No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy style, you have to master it. So I’m doing just that. Or at least trying.

It’s not easy to discover who you are. Truth to be told, we all change and evolve continuously and for this, it’s truly hard to understand our own feelings, beliefs and own selves. Our lives evolve and so does our style.

I’ve recently noticed that jeans in my wardrobe are staring to collect a bit of dust and that I literally live in dresses and skirts. There used to be times I would sleep in my jeans if I could but times change and so do I. And you know what, that’s okay.

I would like my style to become chic and modern without being overdone. Whilst I do find it fun to follow the latest trends, I no longer let them dictate what I wear. Instead, I prefer to live by the idea that what I personally find eye-catching and beautiful is by no means a universal rule for everyone to follow (…and vice versa).

What flatters me is simply what pleases me.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a work in progress and it’s fairly important to learn from the past. I would like to develop my own successful signature style that I’ll love for years and years, and so my focus has shifted on wearing the things I truly love and adore.

My personal style has evolved with me and become more mature as I grow older and wiser.

My advice based on what I’ve learnt throughout this journey, is to settle on a handful of words that feel true to your style, and write them down for future reference. Let the words  help you simplify and identify your look.

About this  outfit:

I actually got this Zara dress quite a few years back and only just re-discovered it as I was unpacking boxes from our big move. Instead of selling it online, I’ve decided to keep it as I believe its style is timeless. Whilst the actual shape of this dress is a straight cut, I decided to unify it with a belt to give me a more feminine look. Something I’m quite keen on.

Both shoes and bag are from M&S, whom I simply adore for their everlasting quality but also sophistication and elegance they provide to women all over the world. They’ve upped their game in recent years and become more accessible to a younger generation.


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